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Crop Production Guide 2022

The 2022 Crop Production Guide showcases the Bayer products you’ve grown to trust on your farm and some innovative new solutions. We’re proud to add new weed-fighting products to the corn portfolio with Laudis® and Corvus herbicides as well as a new wild oat herbicide for spring wheat and barley in Cirray. We’ve also added new disease-fighting tools in Prosaro® PRO fungicide for wheat and barley, and Delaro® Complete fungicide for corn and soybeans. We hope these new products exceed your expectations in the year ahead. Explore more with our 2022 Crop Production Guide with all the products you need from seed to harvest.

View our digitally optimized guide, download the PDF, or discover more about our new offerings in the links below.


What's new for 2022


Innovation starts here. For us, innovation is more than a buzzword. It’s just what we do. That’s why we’re so proud to partner with Canadian growers to ensure the products we develop exceed your expectations so you’re always looking forward to your best season yet. Have a look at what’s new from Bayer in 2022.

Cirray logo

Take the ache out of your acres.

Cirray herbicide is your powerful ally in the fight against wild oats. It’s unique Group 1 combination provides premium control of wild oats, barnyard grass, green and yellow foxtail and Persian darnel. Use in your spring wheat or barley to control tough weeds and get back to what you love.

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Corvus logo

Not a weed in sight.

Corvus herbicide provides outstanding control of a broad spectrum of broadleaf and grass weeds including glyphosate-resistant weeds in your corn. Apply at the time you want, the way you want while targeting the weeds you need to control. A great start to a great harvest.

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Prosaro Pro logo

Prosaro PRO. Disease won’t even make you flinch.

Prosaro PRO fungicide sets the standard as the first foliar fungicide registered in Canada to deliver ergot, fusarium head blight and leaf disease protection in barley, oats, triticale and wheat. An effective, multi-mode of action solution with three powerful active ingredients, Prosaro PRO provides exceptional protection in high-disease situations. So, when you want to maximize your return on investment, reach for Prosaro PRO.

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Delaro Complete logo

Delaro Complete. It’s in the name.

Delaro Complete fungicide adds a third mode of action to the proven formula of Stratego® PRO. This delivers enhanced disease control in corn and soybeans in even the toughest conditions. In corn, it provides excellent preventive defense against yield-robbing diseases such as common rust, eye spot, Northern corn leaf blight and tar spot. In soybeans, it protects against all major soybean diseases plus suppresses white mould.

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Laudis logo

Laudis. For serious corn growers only.

There’s a new corn herbicide in town. Meet Laudis herbicide, the fast-acting and powerful herbicide that can help control annual broadleaf weeds including those tough glyphosate-resistant weeds such as Canada fleabane, giant ragweed and waterhemp. What corn grower doesn’t want that?

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