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If you’re looking to maximize yield and disease protection (and who isn’t?), Bayer fungicides are your first choice. No matter what you’re growing. No matter where you’re growing it. One thing is clear. Applying a Bayer fungicide can help deliver increased quality, increased yield and most importantly, a bigger return on your investment. It’s Grow Time™

*The products below are recommended based on our region as determined from your IP address. The recommendations may not reflect the disease pressures or your farm.

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*The products below are recommended based on our region as determined from your IP address. The recommendations may not reflect the disease pressures or your farm.

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New Fungicide Innovations

At Bayer, we are constantly striving to deliver the right solutions for your farm. You know disease is a persistent threat that can eat into your yields and your bottom line. That’s why we are constantly assessing disease pressure and geographic considerations to deliver innovative fungicide solutions that help protect your yield and quality. See what’s new from Canada’s fungicide experts for the 2021-2022 season.

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Prosaro® PRO fungicide sets the standard as the first foliar fungicide registered in Canada to deliver ergot, fusarium head blight and leaf disease protection in wheat and barley

Suppression of ergot in Cereals
Image with comparison of UTC and Prosaro Pro for Number of ergot bodies per 1kg seed sample
UTC has 111.7 where Prosaro pro 36.3 Number of ergot bodies per 1kg seed sample Source: 7 Bayer Crop Science Internal Trials (2019) Prosaro PRO includes the addition of a Non-Ionic Surfactant Your results may vary according to agronomic, environmental and pest pressure variables.
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NEW Proline GOLD fungicide delivers next-level, dual mode of action protection against sclerotinia.

Proline® GOLD is a new fungicide that delivers outstanding protection in high disease pressure situations against sclerotinia, the most serious canola disease. Two highly effective active ingredients work in synergy to give excellent disease protection for exceptional yield potential. Give sclerotinia a one, two punch.

Proline GOLD vs. the competition- Western Canada 2020 results.
Image with comparison of Proline GOLD vs. Miravis Bold Fungicide, Cotegra Fungicide std. rate, and UTC for Average yield percentage of Untreated check, Proline GOLD 105.4, Miravis Bold Fungicide 103.5, Cotegra fungicide std 103.4, and last UTC has 100. Average yield % of Untreated check Source: 15 Bayer Market Development Trials (2020). Your results may vary according to agronomic, environmental and pest pressure variables. 1 Cotegra® fungicide std. rate = 40 ac./jug.
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NEW TilMOR fungicide gives you the freedom to spray from flag leaf to heading.

TilMOR™ fungicide is your flex timing specialist that can be sprayed from flag leaf to heading to control leaf diseases in your wheat, barley and oats and protect against fusarium head blight in wheat. Depending on your crop stage, weather or other factors important to your operation, you can apply TilMOR precisely when you need to.

TilMOR provided a significant yield increase at ~7%.
Image showing comparision between TiMOR, Tebuconazole and UTC for Barley grain yield percentage, TiMOR 106.6, Tebuconazole 100 and UTC 92.3, TiMOR provided a significant yield increase at 7%. Barley grain yield (% of tebuconazole) Source: 9 medium-to-high disease internal Bayer trials in barley (2017-2019). Your results may vary according to agronomic, environmental and pest pressure variables.

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Performance Results

You rely on data to help make decisions throughout the year. Bayer fungicides consistently perform year over year and we continue to be the fungicide experts that growers can depend on. We’re proud to collaborate with farmers just like you on our annual cooperated fungicide field trials and we’re so confident that we back our product’s performance with the Bayer Fungicide ROI Guarantee Program. If you don’t believe our trials, run your own and see for yourself.

2020 Fungicide Trial Results Are Here

We’ve been collecting fungicide trial data from across the prairies for more than 13 years, you could say we know a thing or two about how our products perform in local conditions. See how It Pays to Spray with the Western Highlights from the 2020 fungicide trial results.

View local trial results
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Conduct Your Own Trial

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The Climate FieldView™ platform brings all your data in one place, tracks your applications and helps you identify performance differences through analysis tools. Want to run your own trial using FieldView?

We Put Our Money Where Your Crops Are

ROI Guarantee program Logo

It’s as simple as this: If an eligible Bayer fungicide has a lower return on investment (ROI) than an eligible competitor fungicide under the terms of the 2022 Bayer Fungicide ROI Guarantee Program, Bayer will rebate the ROI difference on up to 160 acres to eligible participants1. Potential participants of the Bayer Fungicide ROI Program must have an active Climate FieldView software platform subscription, and be signed up for the 2022 BayerValue™ Grower Rewards Program.

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Learn more from our fungicide experts


Proline GOLD

Sclerotinia is the last thing you want to see in your canola crop. Watch as Erin McDougall and Mikayla Rouire, introduces you to the power of Proline® GOLD fungicide in the fight against sclerotinia in your canola.

Introducing Prosaro XTR

Canada's #1 selling cereal fungicide Prosaro XTR helps your crop spend less energy defending itself, and more energy producing yield numbers that you'll love. Check out the video to see exactly how it works.

Sclerotinia in Canola

Learn more about how to protect your canola crop from this yield robbing disease.

Diseases in Dry Beans and Soybeans

Learn about the most common diseases in soybean and dry bean crops in Western Canada, how to identify them and proactive tips to mitigate and manage these diseases.

Nozzle Selection and Setup

Adequate spray coverage is a must for your contact herbicides to work effectively. Watch this video to learn the four key rules of nozzle selection.

Targeted Fungicide Application

Watch as Andria Karstens shows you how Bayer is supporting innovation and sustainability objectives through the FieldView™ Targeted Fungicide Application Project for canola.

Timing for Cereal T3 fungicide App

Knowing what the optimal timing for your cereal T3 fungicide application is makes all the difference. Rory Cranston, Cereal and Pulse Technical Manager fills you in.

Prosaro XTR Fungicide Trials - Wheat

Come along with Jon Weinmaster, Grower and Channel Marketing Manager as he explains why it’s all about the chemistry when fighting fusarium head blight with Prosaro® XTR.

DEKALB Corn Fungicide Trials

Stephane Myre, DEKALB Agronomist, discusses Corn Fungicide trial results at Expo-Champs in Quebec.

video thumbnail | Proline GOLD
video thumbnail | Introducing Prosaro XTR
video thumbnail | Sclerotinia in Canola
video thumbnail | Diseases in Dry Beans and Soybeans
video thumbnail | Nozzle Selection and Setup
video thumbnail | Targeted Fungicide Application
video thumbnail | Timing for Cereal T3 fungicide App
video thumbnail | Prosaro XTR Fungicide Trials - Wheat
video thumbnail | DEKALB Corn Fungicide Trials


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