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Bayer Community Investment Program

Local Support – Committed to giving back where we live and work.

Bayer invests in Canadian communities in many ways – through industry support within agriculture, through sponsorships, and through donations to communities.

Our funding support is focussed on several specific areas of giving:


Science & Innovation

Education & Youth

Arts & Culture

We fund projects and events initiated by our stakeholder base, and also support our employee involvement in the social, cultural, and educational needs of their communities. However, we do place an importance on initiatives focussed on Canadian agriculture.

Though we provide support in a number of ways, we define and handle sponsorships and donations separately. Please see our giving guidelines for more information.

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Giving Guidelines

All sponsorship and donation proposals must be submitted using the online form on this website. But in order to ensure your request is a good fit with our organization, please see our definitions and guidelines below.

How we define “sponsorships”

The goal of our sponsorships program is to recognize and support our partners through mutually beneficial opportunities that not only meet the needs of our recipients but also recognize Bayer as a committed partner in their success.

We seek to build long-term relationships with these organizations found within our areas of giving, which support both non-profit and for-profit groups on a national or regional scale. Sponsorships can include such things as event, program, product and/or operational funding opportunities.

How we define “donations”

The goal of our donations program is to recognize and support organizations based solely on their needs, including organizations that our employees also value. The goal is to create sustainable partnerships that continually improve the communities in which Bayer employees live and work.

We do not accept compensation of any kind for donations made nor does our company seek to use these opportunities to promote our organization through reciprocity.

We aim to provide help when and where it is needed; however, we do seek to build long-term, mutually-aligned relationships with these organizations found within our areas of giving and geographic focus areas.

Bayer does not donate to the following:

  • For-profit organizations
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, colour, creed, gender, sexual orientation or national origin
  • General operating support for United Way-affiliated agencies
  • Organizations or programs designed to influence legislation or elect candidates to public office
  • General endowment funds
  • Deficit reduction or operating reserves
  • Religious organizations
  • Charitable dinners, events or sponsorships
  • Community or event advertising
  • Individuals
  • Student trips or exchange programs
  • Athletic/sports sponsorships or scholarships
  • Telephone solicitations
  • Organizations outside of Canada

Geographic focus areas for donations

Because we are committed to improving the communities in which our employees live and work, Bayer focuses on providing funding to organizations that serve these communities:

  • Lethbridge, Alberta
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Leduc, Alberta
  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Guelph, Ontario
  • Ottawa, Ontario

Submitting a Proposal

Thank you for your interest in submitting a sponsorship or donation proposal to Bayer.

To ensure that your proposal reaches the appropriate person for review, and to ensure that you receive a timely response, we ask that you submit your proposal through this online form.

Please provide details about your organization, group or event, as well as details on the purpose of the funding request.

Please review our giving guidelines before submitting your application. We will review applications based on the information you provide, so please provide us with enough details for consideration.

Get your application started today.

Timing of decisions

Bayer requires a minimum of eight (8) weeks to review funding requests. Please ensure that your application is submitted at least eight (8) weeks prior to your event or the date that funding is required.