Converge XT


Get the best out of your field by using Converge® XT herbicide. It offers the broadest spectrum of weed control, a wide application window and the ability to recharge through residual technology that’s re-activated by rain. Converge XT is also the most consistent solution for crop-safe grassy and broadleaf weed control.* Use Converge XT today and see how great your crop can be.

*Based on five trials at three different Ontario locations in 2011. Trials were conducted comparing weed control with pre-emerge herbicides in corn. Trials were funded in part by the Grain Farmers of Ontario. The assistance of OMAFRA through the OMAFRA/University of Guelph Partnership is also acknowledged.

Application Tips

  • Converge XT is an all-in-one box solution for residual grassy and broadleaf weed control
  • Converge Flexx is ideal for growers and custom applicators who want to source their own atrazine and reduce their package handling
  • Use Converge at the new lower setup-acre rate for residual weed control, followed by glyphosate in-season
  • Proven performance of Converge PRO with an added priopetary safener, cyprosulfamide
  • One-pass, season-long control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds
  • Remains stable on soil surface and recharges throughout the season with as little as ½" of rain
  • Absorbed by roots and shoots of germinating weeds
  • An ideal choice for no-till growers
  • Weeds that emerge before activation can still be controlled, even up to 2" in height
  • Approved for use on all crop management systems – conventional, minimum and zero-till
  • Residual activity to control late weed flushes


Apply pre-plant surface up to two weeks before seeding, or pre-emerge
Apply at planting or prior to crop emergence up to the 3-leaf stage of corn


For registered application - refer to label


Application Tips

  • Converge only needs ½" of rainfall for activation (adhere to tank-mix partner rainfastness of two hours)
  • Grazing interval is 60 days
  • Plant corn at least 1½" (4 cm) deep

Resistance Management

Tank Mix Flexibility

Tank mix with glyphosate for better dandelion control than with glyphosate alone when applying pre-plant surface or pre-emergence only.

Resistance Management

Converge XT contains active ingredients from both Group 27 and Group 5 chemistries which helps manage herbicide resistant weeds. Converge should be used as part of an integrated pest management system.


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