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Don’t be fooled by the complex combination of three different modes of action (Groups 27, 6 and 2), because all you really need to know about Velocity m3 herbicide is that it simply works. Take down the toughest weeds in your wheat fields (winter, durum and spring), whether they’re resistant to other herbicide groups or not. Velocity m3 gives you effective resistance management against Group 1-resistant wild oats and foxtail, and Group 2- and Group 9-resistant broadleaf weeds. All this in one easy-to-use pre-mixed jug, makes Velocity m3 the most convenient and complete weed control solution on the market.

Early Weed Removal To learn more about how you can achieve a yield increase with Velocity m3 herbicide, click here.

Application Tips

0.405 L/ac.


Crops/Application Timing

Bayer recommends early weed removal to achieve optimal product performance and crop yield.
Learn more about early application.

Spring & Durum Wheat

  • 1 to 6 leaf stage, maximum 3 tillers, but prior to presence of the first node (jointing)
  • Do not apply an ALS herbicide such as Velocity m3 following presence of first node as crop injury may occur
  • Nodes are bumps that appear on the main stem above the crown. The appearance of the first node marks the transition from vegetative to reproductive growth. See image below for example of nodes

t2 node final Developing Head Node Final

Winter Wheat

  • Apply either in the fall or spring when the majority of plants have one leaf to full tillering, but prior to presence of the first node (jointing)

Under Drought Conditions

  • Do not spray Velocity m3 herbicide if >35 days between seeding and spraying, as drought hastens crop development
  • Do not spray within three days before or after cold temperatures (3°C or lower)


  • One 8.1 L jug = 20 ac. (one 2 x 8.1L case = 40 ac.)
  • One 129.6 L Bulk shuttle = 320 ac.*

*Mixing required; attach the supplied drill adaptor and mix at high speed for one minute prior to extracting the product from the shuttle.


Water Volume
  • Ground – minimum of 5 US gal./ac. (19 L/ac.)
  • Aerial – minimum of 3 US gal./ac. (11 L/ac.)


  • One hour after application


Re-cropping Intervals

Crops safe to plant within 10 months following Velocity m3 application:
alfalfa, barley, canary seed, canola, corn (field)1, flax, oats, peas (field)2, soybeans1, sunflowers and wheat (durum and spring)

Crops safe to plant within 22 months:

1Manitoba only

2Field peas may be grown the year following Velocity m3 herbicide application in all black, grey-wooded and dark brown soil zones. Do not plant field peas the year following a Velocity m3 application in the brown soil zone where organic matter content is below 2.5% and where soil pH is above 7.5.


Residue and Grazing

Do not:

  • Graze the treated crops or cut for forage within 25 days or cut for hay within 30 days of application
  • Harvest spring and durum wheat for grain or straw within 60 days of application or winter wheat within 72 days of application
  • Enter treated fields within 24 hours of application

Resistance Management

The unique Group 27 active in Velocity m3 herbicide gives you the newest chemistry in herbicides. With only three Group 27 herbicides on the market, you can be sure you are getting a powerful herbicide and a superb rotational tool to knock out the toughest resistant weeds in your field.

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