Raxil PRO and PRO Shield: A new dawn in cereal seed treatment

For cereal growers, there is no better way to get the new cropping season off to a great start than with Raxil® PRO and Raxil PRO Shield seed treatments. They take protection to a whole new level during the first three weeks following seeding – by far the most crucial time for your crop – and support maximum plant health no matter what challenges arise through to harvest.

Raxil PRO keeps things simple. It’s one product with one rate that offers full protection, giving growers complete confidence that they have all diseases covered no matter what the disease levels in the field are. For even more protection, use Raxil PRO Shield with Stress Shield® technology – a breakthrough in plant health.

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Both products dramatically reduce the risk of the unknown or unexpected that inevitably arises each year. They offer insurance and benefits that help you capture the full potential of a great cropping season to achieve your best results yet.

  • Easy-to-apply formulation combines the effective systemic activity of tebuconazole and metalaxyl with the powerful contact and systemic fungicide prothioconazole to essentially sterilize and protect from diseases on and around the seed, as well as within the seed and the soil
  • Ready-to-use micro-dispersion formula is designed for both commercial and on-farm treating applications
  • Unlike other seed treatments available, the viscosity of Raxil does not change until it freezes (-16°C)
  • Water-based formulation helps reduce dust, minimizes buildup on equipment, and makes for easy cleanup

Grower's Talk

Growers share how Raxil protects their cereal crops and ensures a better yield.


"A stronger start, healthier root system, and an overall healthier plant after using Raxil PRO, and Raxil PRO Shield helped the plant survive through poor weather conditions early on."

- Don Mitchell of Mitchell & Sons Farm LTD.

Find out how Don Mitchell, Greg Stamp and Lee Markert have benefitted from Raxil seed treatments on their farms. Read More

Yield and Plant Stand Data

Plant Stand and Yield Increase in Wheat

Plant Stand and Yield Increase in Wheat

Source: 2012 and 2015 Bayer Trials, 11 trials.


Plant Stand Increase in Wheat with Raxil PRO Shield

Plant Stand Increase in Wheat
Source: 2012 and 2015 Bayer Trials.


Yield Increase in Wheat

Yield Increase in Wheat
Source: 2011, 2012 and 2015 Bayer Trials. Includes Raxil PRO Shield and Raxil WW.


Raxil PRO

The power of three different fungicide treatments come together to bring you the all-new Raxil PRO cereal seed treatment, now with the powerful contact fungicide prothioconazole. With one simple, easy-to-use rate, Raxil PRO gives you control over your cereal seeds with superior protection from fusarium graminearum and true loose smut. The chart below shows how Fusarium graminearum was reduced by over 16% when crops were treated with Raxil PRO.

Seed-borne fusarium graminearum – 2011

Source: Bayer 11 D&L trials, 2011

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Raxil PRO Shield

A Breakthrough in Plant Health

Get all the benefits of Raxil PRO plus the added protection of Stress Shield with Raxil PRO Shield, the most complete systemic and contact disease protection available on the market.

Why Raxil PRO Shield?

  • Unmatched seed and soil-borne disease control
  • 3 fungicidal actives for complete contact and systemic protection
  • One simple rate, regardless of disease pressure
  • Micro-dispersion formulation for more thorough coverage of your seeds
  • Applies safely in pre-season temperatures with a freezing point of -16°C
  • Stress Shield component for increased plant health and wireworm protection

Stress Shield

The Stress Shield Difference

Stress Shield is a neonicotinoid insecticide engineered to improve plant health to help cope with stresses and fight off pests. Under ideal conditions plants will dedicate available energy to increase growth and seed production. When a plant encounters pests, drought, heat or other stressors, their response is to re-direct energy stores to further protect themselves and initiate repairs.

Stress Shield curtails the negative effects of plant stresses by supplying a supplemental energy pool for internal repair and coping systems.

Stress Shield results in:

  • Higher performing root systems
  • Improved vigour
  • Robust growth and increased yield

See the Stress Shield difference for yourself. The plant on the left (treated with Stress Shield) has a far more robust root structure and plant thickness than the control sample on the right. A thicker root and shorter Mesocotyl can result in a more vigorous plant and an increase in frost tolerance.

Stress Shield

Additionally, through ingestion and/or contact, the active ingredient in Stress Shield (imidacloprid) prevents wireworms from feeding on cereal crops, forcing them into a prolonged coma-like state.

Untreated vs. Raxil PRO Shield

Untreated vs. Raxil PRO Shield



Get Your Seed Tested

Warm and moist early season conditions are a breeding ground for disease, making it more important than ever to test your seed. However, seed-borne diseases are present across a range of soil temperature and soil moisture conditions.

Seed-borne Disease Favourable Conditions
Soil Moisture Dry Moist Wet
Soil Temp - Warm C. Sativus Fusarium spp. C. Sativus Fusarium spp. Pythium spp.
Soil Temp - Cool Fusarium spp. Pythium spp.


Gain in Yield

The chart below shows the gain in yield from treating with Raxil PRO Shield is over 7% versus leaving your crops untreated.

Source: Bayer 3 D&L trials in Western Canada. Your results may vary according to agronomic, environmental and pest pressure variables.

Raxil Virtual Tour

With a busy growing season, you’re not always able to make crop tours. Instead of missing out, stay informed from the comfort of your home with a Virtual Crop Tour video of the 2013 Demonstration Strip Trials for Raxil PRO.

Click here for the Raxil PRO Shield Fact Sheet

Active Ingredients

Tebuconazole + Prothioconazole + Metalaxyl (Raxil PRO)
Tebuconazole + Prothioconazole + Metalaxyl + Imidacloprid (Raxil PRO Shield)

Province of Registration

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

Grow Your Knowledge and Earn CCA/CCSC Credits

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Application Guidelines


So the question is – why choose Raxil®?

  • Raxil continues to be the number one seed treatment on the market with best in class control of true loose smut and seed- and soil-borne fusarium in cereals
  • Easy-to-apply formulation that combines the systemic fungicides tebuconazole and metalaxyl
  • Goes beyond true loose smut and fusarium, protecting against all of the most serious early season diseases in wheat, barley and oats
  • Ready-to-use micro-dispersion formula is designed for both commercial and on-farm treating applications
  • Raxil provided, on average, an 8% yield increase over untreated seed in internal and independent research trials
  • Unlike other seed treatments available, Raxil's viscosity does not change until it freezes (-16°C)

What's more, Raxil continues to be the most robust disease label on the market and the number one choice among Canadian cereal growers.



Raxil PRO

  • 10 L jug
  • 58.5 L drum
  • 175.5 L drum
  • 1,000 L tote

Raxil PRO Shield

  • 10 L of Raxil PRO is provided in a 13 L jug with 1.55 L of Stress Shield*
  • 175.5 L of Raxil PRO is provided in a 210 L tote with 27 L of Stress Shield

*Products need to be mixed in larger container.

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Product Unit Bushels Treated
27.22 kg/bu.
21.77 kg/bu.
15.44 kg/bu.
Raxil PRO 10 L jug 113 141 200
58.5 L jug 662 827 1,167
175.5 L drum 1,985 2,481 3,510
1,000 L tote 11,308 14,135 19,955
Raxil PRO Shield 10 L of Raxil PRO in 13 L jug, add 1.54 L of Stress Shield 113 141 200
175.5 L of Raxil PRO in 210 L tote, add 27 L of Stress Shield 1,985 2,481 3,502
*all calculations are based on the lowest labelled rate for each product.

Mixing of Raxil PRO Shield

If you have experienced trouble transferring or mixing Stress Shield into the 175.5L Raxil PRO tote complete the following few simple steps

Disease Control

Raxil provides superior protection against the most damaging diseases for cereal crops. Registered for all types of wheat, barley and oats, Raxil is chosen more than any other seed treatment to provide the best defense against yield losses caused by seed- and soil-borne diseases.

What makes the strength of Raxil even more impressive is its combined control of all smuts, bunts, seed rots and seedling blights caused by fusarium and other pathogens.

Fusarium in Wheat

Fusarium doesn’t just cause head blight, it also causes seed rot, seedling blight and root rot, harming crop establishment and reducing yields by up to 8%.

Update – Fusarium Impact

  • Fusarium continues to spread across the Prairies. Incidence varies from year to year and from region to region but it continues to be present throughout Western Canada. The best protection and plan for reducing this pathogen is a Prosaro application in the fall followed with Raxil PRO applied to the seed in the spring.


Fusarium Incidence Based on Percentage of Samples with FDK Present in 2014 CWRS

Source: Canadian Grain Commission

Protect Against Fusarium Infections

Seed-borne infections of fusarium lead to:

  • Poor emergence
  • Seedling blight
  • Pathogen buildup in the soil
  • Potential for future head blight infections

Raxil is a valuable tool to limit the spread of fusarium into new areas and to protect the emerging crop from infection by existing soil inoculum. When it comes to fusarium control, Raxil is the clear winner.


The Toughest On Smut

Raxil's systemic activity protects barley right from the time it hits the ground, helping the crop get off to a healthy start. Seeds germinate quickly to produce vigorous seedlings.

Smut in Barley

True loose smut causes significant damage to barley yields – up to 20% if left unchecked. Raxil works to protect barley from systemic movement of true loose smut. This inside-out protection helps crops get off to a healthy start.

  • In 2010, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada surveys showed that up to 57% of all 6-row barley fields and 7% of all 2-row barley fields in Western Canada were infected with true loose smut
  • The disease is prevalent in most of Western Canada

When compared with untreated crop and the closest competitor, Raxil provides increased control over true loose smut in barley.

Increased True Loose Smut Control in Barley


Source: 5 Bayer internal research trials (2004-2005)

Tips & Tricks

  • Designed for commercial application and on-farming treating with conventional seed-treating equipment
  • Accurate application rates and uniform distribution are fundamental to top performance – mix seed and seed treatment quickly and uniformly
  • Raxil has a freezing point of -16°C and its viscosity does not change until it freezes. If the product does freeze, thaw to 5°C to 10°C and mix thoroughly
  • Refer to the label and instructions supplied with treating systems for complete information on proper application techniques
  • Do not freeze Stress Shield
  • Allow adequate time for the seed treatment to dry on the seed
  • Always wear personal protective equipment when handling seed treatments or treated seed
  • Always calibrate seeding equipment with treated seed, as seed flow can be affected
  • Always ensure proper mixing of the two products before application, although not needed if conditions sometimes warrant additional water. Water added to Raxil can help increase coverage of the seed. A 3:1 product to water ratio is the maximum you would need. This can help when applying to barley and under cold temperatures to help facilitate proper seed coverage


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