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Canola – Flexible, Adaptable and Profitable.

With the arrival of the swede midge in Eastern Canada, canola growers in Ontario and Quebec are facing challenges. Despite the presence of this invasive pest, canola and InVigor hybrids remain popular. With the latest InVigor innovation, like the new pod shatter reduction trait, Bayer continues to be your trusted experts in providing canola solutions from seed to harvest.

Why does canola remain popular? Here are three good reasons:


  • Canola’s early seeding and early harvesting gives you more flexibility to spread out harvest and your workload.



  • As a non-cereal crop canola works well in rotation, especially with winter wheat. Canola harvests earlier which opens the window to plant winter wheat earlier and benefit from higher yields.
  • Canola is ideal for high fertility fields that receive manure and the first crop to follow alfalfa.



  • Thanks to continuous agronomic research, today’s canola hybrids are the highest yielding ever which opens the doors to the highest returns of any crop.


Region:  Manitoba

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