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With over 150 different varieties and nearly 365,000 acres (according to Statistics Canada) devoted to its production, the potato is without a doubt Canada’s largest horticulture crop. Quality, value, sustainable practices, and innovation have also placed Canada in the enviable position as a global leader in potato production.

The large number of varieties means that potatoes are now being grown in fields from coast to coast. And because no two regions have the same disease, weed or insect pressure, Canadian growers rely on production practices that are right for their conditions to help improve yield and crop quality. There is one practice that’s growing in popularity – the use of complete liquid seed-piece treatments to control diseases and insects. It’s proven to provide better coverage and efficacy than dust products and is easier to use, providing reduced worker exposure.
Emesto Silver Seed Piece Treatment
The unmistakable red formula of Emesto® Silver fungicide seed treatment coats your potato seed pieces with the best disease fighting Group 3 and 7 fungicides..
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Velum Prime
Velum® Prime nematicide helps to sustain high plant vigour and maximize potato yield through suppression of nematodes with the added benefit of providing in-season early blight protection.
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Combining practices best way to reduce disease potential

Yield, quality and storability of potato crops can all be greatly compromised by a wide variety of diseases. Cultural practices, such as using certified disease-free seed, crop rotation, eradication of infected plant debris, and elimination of weed hosts helps reduce disease levels in subsequent plantings. Seed-piece treatments are a common and effective way of managing seed-borne and soil-borne diseases such as late blight (Canada’s most serious potato disease), fusarium tuber rot, rhizoctonia and silver scurf. And, since early blight and late blight inoculants can also be airborne, spraying with a foliar fungicide is essential.

Luna Tranquility
Luna Tranquility® fungicide provides unprecedented preventative and systemic disease control in an all-in-one formulation with two fungicide Groups (Group 7 and 9) to provide excellent white mould, black dot and leaf spot complex protection for your potatoes.
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Keep it dense for effective weed suppression

Major weed infestations directly compete with potato crops for light, water and nutrients. This competition can result in smaller tubers, reduced yield and poorer quality. A uniform and dense potato canopy will help prevent weeds from gaining a stranglehold in fields. As well, an application of a non-selective herbicide just prior to emergence of potatoes will control broad-spectrum annual weeds and help manage perennial weeds.

Sencor® herbicide provides economical and reliable broadleaf weed control in potatoes.
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Controlling insects from inside and out

Chewing insects that feed on leaves, stems or tubers can cause serious yield and quality losses in potatoes. Other insects such as aphids and psyllids cause injury to plants by sucking plant juices from the stem, veins and blossoms. Injury from feeding can cause severe crop damage but rarely kills the plant. However, more lethal damage can be caused by these insects through their transmission of viral diseases such as Potato Virus Y (PVY) and Potato leafroll virus (PLRV). Managing the spread of these viruses using systemic insecticides is imperative to maintaining crop health. Seed-piece treatment is an effective early season method for controlling most insects. And, as insect pressure continues to grow year after year, adding a foliar insecticide application provides even greater management of aphids and psyllids.

Movento® insecticide provides two-way systemic action and strong residual control of aphids, psyllids and whiteflies in your potatoes.
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Sivanto Prime
Sivanto® Prime insecticide precisely targets key damaging pests like aphids, leafhoppers, whiteflies and Colorado potato beetles in potatoes, while at the same time having a favourable safety profile for many beneficial insects.
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vayego insecticide logo
Vayego® insecticide protects potato plants from Colorado potato beetle by providing long lasting, residual control of both adults and larvae. Plus additional protection through control of European corn borer, potato flea beetles and suppression of aphids.
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