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Prevention is the best disease management plan

Peaches originating in China, have been produced in Canada since the 1700s, primarily for fresh consumption. Since peaches are being grown in their northernmost limits in Canada, growers take great pains to help their orchards thrive. And that means disease prevention and management. Along with scouting, pruning, cultivation and brush removal, applying the right fungicide at the right time will help keep yield-robbing diseases under control all season.

Clean orchards help improve yields

Alleviating the weed competition during critical crop development can have a significant affect in achieving optimum peach yields. Controlling weeds outside these critical periods can also help reduce the source of weed seeds and increase harvesting efficiencies. A herbicide with a strong residual effect can often last all season, reducing work load and decreasing the trees competition for nutrients and water.

Alion herbicide
The only thing Alion does is work. Spray it in your peach orchard for season-long control of grassy and broadleaf weeds including glysphosate, traizine and ALS-resistant weeds.
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Spotting them early helps control insects

Everyone loves the sweet taste of a fresh peach. Unfortunately, damaging insects like mites, moths, peach tree borers and aphids also find the fruit and tree irresistible. Insect control in peach orchards usually requires treating trees with insecticides with applications accurately timed to be most effective. Knowledge of these insect pests and their life cycles helps in scouting as well as the early diagnosis of a developing pest problem.

Sivanto Prime insecticide
Sivanto Prime works fast to target the pests that have the potential to do the most damage to your peach crop including aphids.
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Movento insecticide
Make the move to Movento, the most effective way to protect your peaches from aphids, whiteflies and mealybugs.
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