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Getting More From Your Fungicide

Achieving the proper coverage with your fungicide application is critical for providing effective disease protection and maintaining the high yield performance of your crop.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure maximum coverage and help you get the best results from your fungicide application.

  • Prepare your sprayer. Check all equipment to ensure there are no plugs, filters are clean and pumps are running correctly. Calibrate your sprayer.
  • Select a proper nozzle. For targeting the head, a forward backward-facing nozzle is optimal.
  • Consult fungicide product labels for correct application rates.
  • Maintain appropriate water volume levels (minimum of 10 gal./ac.). Increasing water volumes can lead to better coverage and better results.
  • Monitor environmental conditions and react accordingly. Avoid excessively high temperatures and windy conditions and be aware of product levels, ratings and rainfast time intervals in the event of impending showers.
  • Adjust sprayer speed accordingly to ensure good pressure and aim for a medium to coarse droplet size. Avoid high sprayer speeds as this will reduce coverage.
  • When using bi-directional nozzle configurations, stay close to the crop canopy. Ideally spray within 12–15” above the crop heads. Taking the time to spray properly can save you time, money and improve your product performance.

Taking the time to spray properly can save you time, money and improve your product performance.

Click here to watch Troy Basaraba, Market Development Specialist speak about proper application.