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Your crop is your masterpiece and Bayer offers a suite of products to help you maximize your yield potential and the quality of your potato crop.

New Product Innovations


New Minuet® is a powerful biological fungicide that protects against soil-borne diseases such as rhizoctonia root rot, black scurf, and stem canker, plus it has activity against pink rot and root rot caused by fusarium, phytophthora and pythium.


Proline® GOLD fungicide is now registered for use on potatoes. With two modes of action, Proline GOLD delivers control of early blight, brown leaf spot and white mould while providing excellent protection against black dot. For serious protection and exceptional yields, count on Proline GOLD.

Product Selection Overview

Bayer offers a wide array of products to get your potatoes off to the best possible start and help protect your crop all season long. Here’s how they stack up.

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Protect against nematodes & disease with Velum Prime

Damage caused by nematodes can result in significant yield losses. Learn how to protect your potato crop against nematodes, and diseases like early blight and black dot, with Velum Prime for increased yield potential and profit. With Velum Prime, what’s under your crop is under your control

Spud Smart’s 10 Most Innovative Products — vayego

Bayer agronomist Bill Moons talks with Spud Smart editor Ashley Robinson about vayego—named one of their 10 most innovative products.

Nematode and Disease Management – 3 Farmers Share Their Strategies

Crop Talk (2022 Canadian Spud Congress)

video thumbnail | Protect against nematodes & disease with Velum Prime
video thumbnail | Spud Smart’s 10 Most Innovative Products — vayego
video thumbnail | Crop Talk (2022 Canadian Spud Congress)

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Save up to 25%

Take your savings to the next level and maximize your rewards with the new 2023 BayerValue™ Hot Potatoes® Prairies Rewards Program.

Save up to 25% with the new Emesto Silver Bonus and earn additional savings through the Hot Potatoes Bonus Program. As always, BayerValue makes it easy to save on everything your farm needs for a successful season, from seed to harvest.

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