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Yield expectations for Canada’s high value corn crop seem to increase every year. Growing conditions in recent years have been both too hot and too cold, yet despite the challenges, breeding innovation has meant yields have remained high and seeded acres continue to grow, especially in traditionally smaller growing regions such as Quebec. Issues such as deoxynivalenol, or DON, in corn are of increasing concern for growers. Caused by disease in the crop, the mycotoxin is unable to be digested by livestock, and has the potential to impact grading and limit markets for feed corn producers.

Disease protection key to maintaining crop value

Corn requires a higher input investment than some other crops, but has the potential for great returns. To protect against fusarium and gibberella ear rot, which will reduce DON levels, the only solution is a fungicide application at early silking stage. Application with a high clearance sprayer or aerial applicator offers the best coverage with the least disturbance. Given the price of corn, the benefit of a preventative fungicide application is a strong return on investment.

Stratego PRO
Improve quality and yield with Stratego® PRO fungicide in your corn. With Stratego PRO your corn will be protected from devastating diseases including Northern corn leaf blight, common rust and eye spot.
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Proline East
Proline® fungicide improves the yield and quality of your corn with its broad-spectrum leaf disease control, suppression of fusarium, gibberella ear rot and stalk rot.
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Choose one pass or two to manage resistant weeds

Herbicide resistance is an issue in corn – with common ragweed, giant ragweed and Canada fleabane all showing increasing resistance to glyphosate. One way growers are managing resistance is with a two-pass herbicide application. More popular in Ontario where resistance weeds are a greater concern, a two-pass system allows growers to apply a pre-plant/pre-emergent product that includes a residual setup acre product, followed by a second application for in-season control. For corn growers in Quebec, a single pass in a crop herbicide program is still popular often because spring doesn’t allow time for a residual, 2-pass program.

Converge XT
Converge® XT herbicide offers corn growers a broad spectrum of weed control, a wide window of application (pre-emerge – 3 leaf stage of corn) and has residual technology that is re-activated by rain.
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Vios G3
ViosTM G3 herbicide tank-mixed with glyphosate provides the broadest-spectrum weed control available from an in-crop residual corn herbicide.
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