Instantly save $1.00 per acre on purchases of Prosaro and Prosaro XTR fungicides and $1.50 per acre on purchases Proline funcigide
Prosaro fungicide Prosao XTR fungicide Proline fungicide

In addition to any BayerValue programing or other rewards you may qualify for, Bayer is offering instant savings on your 2018 purchases of Prosaro/Prosaro XTR and Proline fungicides, right at the register with no minimum purchase requirement.

Maximize Your Yield and Your Profit

The ROI benefits of Prosaro XTR and Proline fungicides continue to provide some of the best returns on your farm.

Based on head to head trials, Prosaro XTR provides you with an average $2,335 better return vs. Caramba on 500 acres of wheat. Prosaro XTR fungicide provides an average $2,335 better return compared to Caramba on 500 acres of wheat


Head to head trials show that Proline can give you an incredible $9,645 better return vs. Lance on 500 acres of canola. Proline fungicide provides an average $9,645 better return compared to Lance on 500 acres of canola

Ask your retailer for complete offer details. It's Grow Time Instant Discount applies only to purchases in Prairie provinces and Peace River Region of BC.

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