$3 for 300 Program Details

InVigor® hybrid canola and Command® herbicide are teaming up to provide you a special trial use offer to help you control problem cleavers and save you money.

Purchase a minimum 300 acres of any InVigor hybrid between September 1, 2017, and June 15, 2018, to receive a $3/acre rebate on your first purchase of 300 acres of Command herbicide.

For more details, download the $3 for 300 techsheet.


Command 360ME is a Group 13, soil applied, pre-emergent extended control herbicide that provides the first line of control of cleavers in canola. This powerful herbicide is quickly absorbed by germinating cleavers through their root systems, providing extended control (up to four weeks) and setting the stage for superior in-season results.

  • Ideal for InVigor® growers looking to improve their cleavers control
  • Liquid formulation must be applied pre-seed with your glyphosate burn-off
  • Unique mode of action (Group 13 herbicide) addresses potential resistance concerns
  • Command helps control initial flushes of cleavers thereby taking the pressure off the in-crop herbicide and allow them to control any secondary flushes that will be much smaller, resulting in overall improved control of cleavers
  • Requires minimal rain for activation (5-10 mm)


Command herbicide provides up to four weeks of extended control and makes late flushes of cleavers easier to control with in-crop applications.

Yield benefits of InVigor canola and Command herbicide chart

View the full terms and conditions for complete details.

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  • To be eligible, growers must be registered in BayerValue and comply with all terms and conditions of the program
  • The program terms and conditions include consent from the grower respecting the collection, use and disclosure of personal information and use of commercial electronic messages for purposes discussed within the program
  • The program is subject to further terms and conditions

Proof of Purchase

If you purchased products from a retailer providing transactional data, most of the work is already done. Invoices are not required. If you purchased from a retailer who is not providing transactional data, you’ll need to provide invoices. If you don't know whether your retailer is providing transactional data, just ask them or give us a call at 1 888-283-6847. Your information is kept in accordance with applicable privacy laws.

Qualifying Products

†Qualifying products include: InVigor® and Command® purchases. To learn more, see the complete terms and conditions.

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