Stripe rust


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Scientific Name

Puccinia striiformis



The stripe rust pathogen overwinters in the U.S. in the foliage of winter wheat and native grasses.

Spores are carried northward by wind. In some regions of Canada they can survive on winter wheat under mild winter conditions. The first documented cases of stripe rust overwintering in Western Canada were reported in 2002 in Southern Saskatchewan and 2003 in Southern Alberta.

Cool nights with temperatures in the 9-12ºC range are optimum for the development of this disease. Stripe rust is especially infectious in soft white wheat grown in cool growing areas. 


Look for yellow, elongated pustules arranged in stripes on the leaves and heads. They may extend the full length of the leaf. Pustules become dark brown in colour later in the season. 


Warm night temperatures (above 20ºC) on the prairies will often inhibit disease development.

Apply a foliar fungicide.



  • Wheat
  • Wheat Spring Durum


Chemical Control

Products that control

  • Stratego
  • Prosaro
  • Folicur EW


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