Fusarium dry rot



  • Masses of spores emerge in place of normal heads
  • Only heads show signs of infection
  • Infected plants can show slight stunting
  • All parts of an infected head, except the techis (central stalk) are replaced by masses of dark brown spores
  • Spores are blown away or washed off by rain as the crop matures infecting other seed
  • Infection occurs during flowering
  • Infected seed does not differ visually from healthy seed – only laboratory analysis can detect infection
  • As infected seed germinates, dormant mycelium start to grow and invade the growing point of seedlings
  • Spores mature by heading time and are dispersed by wind or rain


  • Check headed crops for infection
  • At harvest, check for bare heads with only the main stem remaining


  • Test seed
  • Resistant cultivars have been developed
  • Use smut-free seed
  • Both Raxil T and Vitaflo 280 seed treatments protect against Loose Smut



  • Potatoes


Chemical Control

Products that control

  • Genesis XT


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