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Scientific Name

Rhizotrogus majalis




The beetle Rhizotrogus majalis corresponds to the common name of European Chafer and is a serious pest of turf, horticulture and field crops. Damage is sustained when the species is in the grub stage of growth, feeding on varying species of grass, corn, potatoes, blueberries, strawberries, etc.

Main description

The larvae of the European chafer is white, with a distinct C-shape (typical of all Scarabaeidae) and orange-brown head. The adults are medium sized, light brown, oval scarab beetles that closely resembling June beetles, except for their distinctive color.


When scouting for the European Chafer, it is important to scout in the fall prior to corn, concentrating efforts on sandy knolls, and near tree lines at least 1.5 x the height of trees in circumference. Dig 5-10, 30-cm-squares of soil approximately 10 cm deep in high risk areas. A high intensity infestation is considered anything greater than 4-5 chafers (small grubs) per square foot. However, ideally, a preventative control measure is recommended, starting with the possibility of Seed Treatment or a drench application, below the action threshold (4-5 small grubs per square foot).



  • Corn


Chemical Control

Products that control

  • Poncho
  • Admire

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  • Admire


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