European red mite


Scientific Name

Panonychus ulmi




The species Panonychus ulmi is known as the European red mite and is a pest of fruit trees. The damage suffered from a red mite infestation results in fruit russetting, and causes bronzing of the apple foliage and browning of pear foliage. The European red mite can produce between 6-8 generations per year, depending on the environmental conditions. Therefore its control and management have to be performed carefully to prevent the development of resistance.  

Main description

The round eggs are bright red to brownish-red in colour with a small slender stem on the upper side. Hatched eggs are clear and can be confused with spider mite eggs, except for the exit hole in the shell. The adult female is about 0.4 mm long and bright red. She has eight legs and four rows of white hair on her back. The male is smaller with a more pointed abdomen and is yellowish brown in colour.


Examine fruit spurs in the spring for eggs and the leaves during the summer for active stages. Sampling plants and leaf brushing services are available for most areas to determine mite numbers to program the applications.



  • Apples
  • Cherries
  • Grapes
  • Peaches


Chemical Control

Products that control

  • Envidor


Region:  Other

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