Grape berry moth


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Scientific Name

Endopiza viteana




The species Endopiza viteana is commonly known as the Grape Berry Moth, which is a major pest of grapes. The damage is caused by the larvae feeding on flowers and fruits. Small fruit, when damaged, turn dark purple in color and will drop from the stems, thus causing serious crop losses. Larger fruits are usually webbed into the cluster and shrivel or rot in place.

Main description

The young larvae of the grape berry moth are yellowish green or a pale yellow, with a typical black head. The mature larvae can reach up to 2.5 cm in length and are brownish-green colour. When caterpillars are disturbed they will wiggle and squirm vigorously to escape. The adult moth is small with brown forewings. 


When monitoring the potential for infestation, the use of sex pheromone traps may be used to determine the emergence of new generations and improve the timing of spraying. The grape berry moth can be very patchy in its infestation, so it is important to place the traps evenly in the field and along the perimeter of the vineyard. These traps should be checked weekly. Check local threshold and spray recommendations.



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