Green apple aphid



Scientific Name

Aphis pomi




The species Aphis pomi is known as the green apple aphid, which often infests apple and pear trees. Heavy infestations of the green apple aphid can reduce vigor and growth of shoots. This is of particular concern when infestations occur in nurseries, young trees and non-bearing orchards. The insect can severely reduce bud size and inter-node length, and also cause leaf curling. Aphid feeding may also stimulate lateral branch growth that can affect the overall tree shape. Honeydew produced by the aphids may drip onto fruit allowing sooty fungi to grow, thus enhancing the importance of early detection and control.

Main description

A key distinguishing feature of the green apple aphid is its overall light green colour with darker green stripes in the abdomen. The green apple aphid has a green, flat head, uniformly green or yellowish green abdomen, black legs and long black cornicles - the "tail pipes" (at the rear end of the insect). Adult females are dark green to black and winged.


Careful pruning and minimized N-fertilization will reduce water sprouts and thereby remove favorable feeding sites for the aphids. Antagonists and Natural Enemies play an important role in regulating this pest, so selective pesticides should be carefully chosen and applied in a rational way when the infestations appear to be on the increase.



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