Sunflower beetle



Scientific Name

Zygogramma exclamationis




The species Zygogramma exclamationis is commonly known as the Northern Sunflower beetle. This species is known to cause reduced yields and delayed maturity from feeding on sunflower plants. This species of insect has been known to cause severe yield losses in sunflower fields.

Main description

Adult sunflower beetles are about 6-8 mm in length, with a reddish-brown head and yellow thorax. Each wing-cover has three dark-brown stripes that extend the length of its back. There is a fourth stripe on each wing cover that ends with a dot, appearing similar to an exclamation point.


Field scouting is necessary to determine whether or not chemical control is necessary. Economic thresholds are as follows: 1 to 2 adult(s) per 3 seedlings can justify an application.


Integrated Crop Management

Products that control

  • Thiodan


Region:  Other

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