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Scientific Name

Cyperus esculentus




The species Cyperus esulentus is a perennial grassy weed with underground rhizomes (roots) and tubers in the mature plants. Yellow nutsedge is extremely difficult to remove permanently because of its stratified and layered root system. The plant will regenerate completely if even a single tuber or rhizome is left in place. This weed is very tolerant to many commonly used herbicides. It greatly reduces crop yields and therefore is a very important invasive weed in some cropping lands.

Main description

The seedling is very similar in appearance to the mature plant; however, seedlings rarely ever appear, as the plant typically grows from rhizomes and/or tubers.


Mature plant
The mature plant of Yellow nutsedge has the distinct features of shiny yellow to green leaves that grow in groups of 3 from the base of the plant. The leaves taper into a point at the end. Stems are erect in the mature plant, un-branched and triangular in cross section. 

Optimal growth conditions

The grassy weed yellow nutsedge is commonly found growing in regions such as moist depressions of upland prairies, pastures and most open areas around agricultural lands. Favorable soil conditions include wet, slightly acidic, sandy and well-drained soils, where the excess of nitrogen will further favor the development of this weed.



  • Potatoes
  • Soybeans
  • Tomatoes


Region:  Other

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