Luna Sensation


Luna Sensation™ is a new fungicide for horticulture growers, designed for optimal efficacy on stone fruit and many vegetables.

Luna Sensation combines the trusted power of the fungicide active ingredients fluopyram and trifloxystrobin. It’s a systemic fungicide that targets problematic diseases such as sclerotinia rot, powdery mildew and Monilinia. It even provides post-harvest quality benefits for soft fruit.

Luna Sensation:

  • Broad-spectrum fungicide with preventive and systemic properties
  • Provides proven yield increases and improved quality
  • Unique chemistry demonstrates post-harvest quality benefits during transit and storage of soft fruit
  • An all-in-one formulation with two active ingredients providing two fungicide modes of action, Groups 7 & 11
  • Luna Sensation contains the active ingredient fluopyram which is currently the only non-carboxamide Group 7 fungicide available giving it unique plant mobility benefits allowing uniform uptake after application
  • Luna Sensation is part of the Luna® family of products, optimized for stone fruit and vegetables

Application Tips

  • Luna Sensation is best suited for use in a preventive treatment program
  • Thorough coverage is essential for maximum protection. Ensure sufficient water volume and spray pressure is used.
  • For all worker activities, do not enter, or allow worker entry into treated areas within 12 hours after application
  • To minimize runoff, avoid applications when rainfall is forecasted to occur within 48 hours
  • Do not store below freezing (0° C) temperatures
  • Pre-harvest interval will vary based on the crop being sprayed; refer to the Luna Sensation label or fact sheet for specific pre-harvest intervals

2 L jugs
Water Volumes

Fruit Crops (Hops and Stone Fruit): Apply by ground application equipment in a minimum spray volume of 500 L/ha, unless specified otherwise

Vegetable Crops (Carrot and other Root Vegetables, Leafy Green and Petiole Vegetables, Brassica (Cole) Leafy Vegetables and Cucurbits): Apply in a minimum spray volume of 200 L/ha

When dry
Tank Mixes
There are no registered tank mixes
Application Rate
Carrot and other Root Vegetables (Crop subgroup 1B) Alternaria blight 300-500 mL/ha
(122-203 mL/ac.)
Powdery mildew 300-400 mL/ha
(122-162 mL/ac.)
Cottony rot/Sclerotinia rot 500 mL/ha
(203 mL/ac.)
Leafy Green Vegetables, except Brassica (Crop subgroup 4A) Lettuce drop and sclerotinia rot 400-600 mL/ha
(162-243 mL/ac.)
Powdery mildew 300-400 mL/ha
(122-162 mL/ac.)
Leafy Petiole Vegetables, except Brassica (Crop subgroup 4B) Late blight 300-400 mL/ha
(122-162 mL/ac.)
Powdery mildew
Brassica (Cole) Vegetables (Crop group 5) Sclerotinia rot 400-600 mL/ha
(162-243 mL/ac.)
Powdery mildew 300-400 mL/ha
(122-162 mL/ac.)
Alternaria leaf blight 300-500 mL/ha
(122-203 mL/ac.)
Cucurbit Vegetables (Crop group 9) Powdery mildew 300-400 mL/ha
(122-162 mL/ac.)
Stone Fruit (Crop group 12-09) Brown rot, blossom blight and Monilinia fruit rot 300-400 mL/ha
(122-162 mL/ac.)
Powdery mildew
Cherry leaf spot
Hops Powdery mildew 300-600 mL/ha
(122-243 mL/ac.)

Resistance Management

  • To limit the potential for development of disease resistance to these fungicide classes, do not make more than 2 applications of Luna Sensation or any Group 7 or Group 11 fungicide before rotating with a fungicide from a different Group
  • For multi-spray crops, the total number of sprays containing Luna Sensation or any Group 7 or Group 11 fungicide should not exceed half of the total number of fungicide applications in a season
  • Fungicide use should be based on an integrated disease management program that includes scouting, historical information related to pesticide use and crop rotation and considers host plant resistance, impact of environmental conditions on disease development, disease thresholds, as well as cultural, biological and other chemical control practices

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