Luna Tranquility


Luna Tranquility® fungicide delivers unparalleled disease protection for pome fruit, grapes, potatoes, small berries, bulb vegetables and tomatoes.

A broad spectrum fungicide with Group 7 (fluopyram) and Group 9 (pyrimethanil) modes of action, Luna Tranquility is a unique all-in-one formulation with preventative, systemic and post-infection (for apple scab) properties.

  • For apples, it’s co-formulation fungicide controls leaf scab (including resistant strains), while providing protection against powdery mildew in the same application.
  • For grape growers, Luna Tranquility is the only co-formulation fungicide that controls both powdery mildew and botrytis.
  • In potatoes Luna Tranquility provides excellent leaf spot complex protection (early blight and brown leaf spot), including strains with reduced sensitivity to Group 11 and current Group 7 fungicides. It also protects against white mould and black dot.
  • For strawberries and blueberries, Luna Tranquility offers powerful protection against grey mould and powdery mildew, even providing latent disease protection post-harvest.
  • In onions, Luna Tranquility works systemically to protect botrytis leaf blight, purple blotch and stemphylium leaf blight.
  • In tomatoes, Luna Tranquiliity protects against early blight and septoria.

Watch the videos below to see how Luna Tranquility redefines disease prevention.

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Application Tips

Thorough coverage is essential for maximum protection

For pome fruits and bulb vegetables do not enter or allow worker entry within 24 hours after application to carry out hand thinning activities.

For grapes, do not enter or allow worker entry within 24 hours after application to carry out cane turning, girdling, training, tying, pruning, thinning or leaf pulling activities

For all other worker activities, do not enter or allow worker entry into treated areas within 12 hours after application

Resistance Management

  • To limit the potential for development of disease resistance to these fungicide classes, do not make more than two sequential applications of Luna Tranquility or any Group 7 or Group 9 fungicide before rotating with a fungicide from a different group
  • Determine pesticide use on an Integrated Pest Management program that includes scouting, record keeping and considers cultural, biological and other chemical control practices


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