Prosaro XTR


Out-protect. Out-yield. Out-freaking-standing.

New Prosaro XTR is here and it’s better than ever. How much better? How about 14%* better in spring wheat and 10.6%** better in winter wheat. So regardless of disease pressure and environmental conditions, give your wheat and barley yields a big-time boost come harvest time. Protect your cereals and your bottom line with New Prosaro XTR.

*Source: 15 medium- to high-disease product development trials in spring wheat (2014-2016)
**Source: Four winter wheat product development trials (2013 and 2015). Your results may vary according to agronomic, environmental and disease pressure variables


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View localized field scale fungicide trial results online to see the positive impact a proactive fungicide application can make to your operation: ten consecutive years of grower-cooperated field trial data proving the consistent yield, quality and ROI benefits of fungicides.


Application Tips

  • 800 mL/ha. (324 mL/ac.)


Crops/Application timing
Barley For optimum protection against fusarium head blight without compromising leaf disease control, apply as a preventative spray when 70 to 100% of the barley main stem heads are fully emerged to three days after full head emergence.
Wheat For optimum protection against fusarium head blight without compromising leaf disease control, apply as a preventative spray when at least 75% of the wheat heads on the main stem are fully emerged to when 50% of the heads on the main stem are in flower.

Timing Guide

If planning on applying one fungicide application per year and flag leaf disease levels are low to moderate Bayer recommends waiting to apply a fungicide at head timing, protecting against various head diseases including FHB, leaf diseases and subsequently maximizing both quality and quantity of your yield.

Targeting the middle stage (shown below) will most often deliver the best results, but Bayer research has indicated that even if you apply slightly earlier or later, a positive ROI is still observed. Remember an application at head timing can supply both flag leaf protection and the added benefit of head protection throughout the grain fill period.

Prosaro Head Timing Trials

Prosaro Head Timing Trials

Source: 11 Bayer grower co-operated Wheat DSTs (2012-2013 and 2016). Numbers expressed as gain in yield vs. the untreated check.

  • 6.5 L jug = 20 acres (2 X 6.5 L jug = 40 acres)
  • 104 L bulk shuttle = 320 acres


Water Volumes
  • Ground – minimum of 10 US gal./ac. (38 L/ac.)
  • Aerial – minimum of 5 US gal./ac. (19 L/ac.)


  • One hour after application

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