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If a grower intends to apply one fungicide application per year and flag leaf disease levels are low to moderate Bayer CropScience recommends waiting and applying at the head timing. Applying at head timing will protect against various leaf and head diseases including fusarium head blight (FHB), and subsequently maximize both quality and quantity of your yield.

Targeting the middle stage (shown below) will most often deliver the best results but Bayer CropScience research has indicated that even if you apply slightly earlier or later a positive ROI is still observed. Remember an application at head timing can supply both flag leaf protection with the added benefit of head protection throughout the grain fill period.

Prosaro Head Timing Trials

Fungicide Experts

When it comes to cereal disease control, Bayer CropScience has the experience and innovations growers demand. Products like Prosaro® and Folicur® EW continue to earn the respect and trust of cereal growers from across the prairies. See the positive ROI you can get in the table below that utilizes 6 years' worth of wheat DST trial data. The data factors in 2014 Suggested Retail Pricing of products with a wheat commodity price of $4.50 per bushel and an estimated $5.00/acre application cost.

Discover all the benefits of using a fungicide and find out more about Prosaro and Folicur EW today.

For Best Results – Timing Guide