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Prosaro Quantity

Protect Your Investment

At the end of the year success is often defined by the yield you pull off your field and by knowing that everything you have done for an entire year was worth the effort. This in itself provides a sense of accomplishment.

Not reaching yield targets can often result in questions on what you could have done differently.

Many growers across the Prairies have already learned that you can reduce your risk, protect your yield, and shield against disease by using Prosaro®. Prosaro can provide one of the strongest returns on investment on your farming operation.

See how Prosaro can provide yield protection in wheat and barley
Find out how Prosaro performs across the Prairies
Learn about spraying at head timing

Prosaro for Yield Protection

Seven consecutive years of comprehensive yield and quality data from grower-cooperated Demonstration Strip Trials (DSTs), continue to prove the value of fungicides and represents compelling proof that Bayer fungicides can consistently contribute to your bottom line.

It Pays to Spray

Trials over multiple years and geographies across Western Canada have proven that Prosaro provides strong yield protection.

Averaged over seven years and 100 replicated trials, Prosaro provided an average of 8 bu./ac. increase over the untreated check.

Wheat Fungicide Yields

See the wheat yield protection Prosaro has provided across the Prairie provinces.

Protection Across the Prairies

See the barley yield protection Prosaro has provided across the Prairie provinces.

6-Year Barley Yield Results - 33 Trials

Maximize Your Yield by Spraying at Head Timing

Protect both the flag leaf and the head with a head timing application. Protecting your flag and penultimate leaves is critical for yield protection but data has shown that if you apply at head timing you can protect these leaves and the head through the critical grain filling period resulting in unsurpassed yield protection. If disease pressure is low to moderate leading up to the flag leaf, data suggests that you can wait for the head timing to spray, ensuring that you are protecting both your yield and your grade.

Prosaro Head Timing Trials

Most flag leaf fungicides offer very similar yield results, however, based on our significant volume of data we have confirmed that you will get your best yield results when a fungicide is applied at head timing. Treatment at this stage offers both protection of the flag leaf and supplies critical head protection throughout the grain-fill period. However, if you apply slightly earlier or later than the optimal head timing, you will still see positive yield improvement.

Prosaro Head Timing Trials


See the results of the Fungicide Demonstration Strip Trials at