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Registered on wheat and barley, Prosaro® fungicide provides the best defense against the broadest spectrum of leaf and head diseases including unsurpassed protection from fusarium head blight (FHB). With two different fungicide active ingredients (tebuconozole and prothioconazole), Prosaro has long-lasting preventative and curative properties to quickly eliminate existing infections and prevent new ones from developing. The result is a healthier, more productive, higher yielding cereal crop.

Even in situations of low disease pressure or lower than normal moisture levels, an application of Prosaro has consistently shown to provide a positive return on investment by protecting the yield and quality of your crop.

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At Bayer, we could say a lot about our Prosaro fungicide. But we’d rather let Prosaro users do the talking.

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Why choose Prosaro?

  • Superior yield protection
  • #1 cereal fungicide on the market
  • Powerful leaf and head disease control with best in class FHB protection
  • Effective DON and FDK reduction for a better grade
  • Improved wheat and barley grades and bushel weights
  • Preventative and curative disease protection

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+ Prothioconazole
Quickly translocates within the plant to provide immediate control of infections that have already occurred. Longer lasting activity to protect against future infections.


Active Ingredients

Prothioconazole - Group 3
Tebuconazole - Group 3

Pests Suppressed

Provinces Registered

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

Registered Tank Mixes


Tank mixable with Lorsban for wheat midge control. Tank-mix order is Prosaro then Lorsban; no need to add a surfactant.

Application Guidelines


  • When applied at early flowering of the wheat head and just after head emergence in barley, Prosaro® protects the head from FHB and other head disease infection through the grain-fill period, while also supplying protection to the flag leaf from yield robbing leaf diseases.


Tips & Tricks

Application Tips
Heads up: Getting good coverage is paramount

When applying a fungicide at head timing, coverage of the head is critical for getting the best results. Here are some helpful tips to ensure proper coverage.

  • Properly functioning equipment is a must. Ensure your sprayer is working correctly. Check all equipment to ensure there are no plugs, filters are clean and pumps are running correctly. Calibrate your sprayer.
  • Select a proper nozzle. For targeting the head, a forward backward-facing nozzle is optimal.
  • Maintain appropriate water volume levels (at least 10 gal./ac). Increasing water volumes can lead to better coverage and better results.
  • Monitor environmental conditions and react accordingly. Avoid excessively high temperatures and windy conditions and be aware of product rainfastness in the event of impending showers.
  • Adjust sprayer speed accordingly to ensure good pressure and aim for a medium to coarse droplet size. Avoid high sprayer speeds as this can reduce coverage.
  • When using bi-directional nozzle configurations, stay close to the crop canopy. Ideally spray within 12-15” above the crop heads.

800 mL/ha (324 mL/ac.)


Application Timing for FHB

For optimum protection against FHB without compromising leaf disease control:

Barley Apply as a preventative spray within the time period when 70 to 100% of the barley main stem heads are fully emerged to three days after full head emergence. Click here for the Barley and Wheat FHB Timing Guide.
Wheat Apply as a preventative spray within the time period from when at least 75% of the wheat heads on the main stem are fully emerged to when 50% of the heads on the main stem are in flower. Click here for the Barley and Wheat FHB Timing Guide.



If planning on applying one fungicide application per year and flag leaf disease levels are low to moderate Bayer recommends waiting and applying at the head timing. Applying at head timing will protect against various head diseases including FHB, leaf diseases and subsequently maximizes both quality and quantity of your yield. Why protect just the flag leaf when you can protect both the flag and the head via a head timing application?

Targeting the middle stage (shown below) will most often deliver the best results but Bayer research has indicated that even if you apply slightly earlier or later a positive ROI is still observed. Remember an application at head timing can supply both flag leaf protection with the added benefit of head protection throughout the grain fill period.

Prosaro Head Timing Trials

Western Canada 2 Year Yield Results - 8 Trials

  • 6.5 L jug = 20 acres (2 X 6.5 L jug = 40 acres)
  • 104 L BigBoys shuttle = 320 acres


Rainfast one hour after application


Water Volume
  • Ground – minimum of 10 US gal./ac. (38 L/ac.)
  • Aerial – minimum of 5 US gal./ac. (19 L/ac.)



Region:  Yukon

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