Serenade MAX


Serenade® MAX is a bio-fungicide to aid in the suppression of early blight in potatoes and powdery mildew, botrytis and bacterial diseases in many fruit and vegetable crops including bulb vegetables (Crop Group 3), leafy vegetables (Crop Group 4), cole crops (Crop Group 5), cucurbit vegetables (Crop Group 9), fruiting vegetables (Crop Group 8) and bushberries and caneberries (Crop Group 13).

Application Tips


  • Broad-spectrum, biological foliar fungicide that provides effective disease protection
  • Protects a variety of crops including canola, pulses and beans
  • Provides suppression of sclerotinia in canola
  • Supplemental treatment or potential tank-mix partner to boost control in heavily diseased fields


Application tips

  • Mix product thoroughly prior to adding to sprayer and before application
  • Use 40-50 mesh screens when transferring product from tote to sprayer equipment
  • pH should be between 4.5 and 8.5
  • Tanks should be sprayed out within 24 hours of mixing
  • Pre-harvest interval – Serenade® MAX can be sprayed up to and including the day of harvest
  • Tank mixing – there are no registered tank mixes; however, Serenade MAX is compatible with all strobilurins and triazole fungicides
  • Store below 25°C for up to 3 years; do not freeze
  • Registered for use by air
  • When using spray nozzle screens finer than 50 mesh, monitor for potential product buildup. This buildup is easily cleaned with water.


  • 0.16 L/ac. standard rate
  • 0.4-1.6 label range



Begin application at 20-30% bloom. A second application may be made 7-10 days later, at approximately 50% bloom and prior to significant petal fall, if conditions for disease development remain favourable.


Begin application soon after emergence and when conditions are conducive to disease development. Repeat as necessary on a 7-10 day interval.


Begin application soon after emergence or transplant and when conditions are conducive for disease development. Repeat on 7-10 day intervals.


  • 9.46 L (6 acres per jug)
  • 511 L (320 acres per small tote)
  • 1,000 L (625 acres per large tote)


Water Volumes
Minimum recommended water volumes of 10 US gal/ac. (38 L/ac.)


As soon as product has dried on to plant


Tank Mixes
There are no registered tank mixes; however, Serenade MAX is compatible with all strobilurins and triazole fungicides.


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