Legendary Grassy Weed Control

Centurion® herbicide protects your canola, flax and pulses from 16 of western Canada’s toughest grassy weeds in one post-emergent pass. Tank mixing with a multitude of products, including Liberty®, creates effective, full-spectrum weed control for your InVigor® hybrid or LibertyLink® canola.

  • Post-emergent and full-spectrum grassy weed control
  • Widest window of application
  • Tank-mix flexibility with broadleaf weed control options
  • Flexible use rates
  • No residual or re-cropping concerns
  • Easy handling and mixing
  • Registered for both aerial and ground application


Application Guidelines

Application Tips

  • An application of Centurion® at a rate of 20 acres per case (0.154 L/ac.) provides season-long control of quackgrass. There will not be sufficient regrowth for a fall application of glyphosate.
  • An application of Centurion at a rate of 40 acres per case (0.077 L/ac.) will suppress quackgrass and allow the crop to establish itself with no threat to yield. Combined with a fall application of glyphosate, quackgrass can be effectively cleaned up for the next season.


Control of all the major grassy weeds with season-long control of quackgrass (mix with Amigo® surfactant at 1.0% v/v). 20 ac./case (0.154 L/ac.)1
Recommended for best performance for control of all the major grassy weeds except quackgrass (mix with Amigo surfactant at 0.5% v/v). 40 ac./case (0.077 L/ac.)1
For control of foxtail (green and yellow), wild oats and volunteer cereals (wheat, oats, and barley) from the 2 to 4 true leaf stage; only use in light weed populations in the absence of stress with good crop stand and early application (mix with Amigo surfactant at 0.5% v/v). 60 ac./case (0.050 L/ac.)1
1 If applied alone, Centurion can be applied at the above rates. If applied in a tank mix with another product, consult the label for specific rates.


  • At 20 and 40 ac./case rates, apply when labelled weeds are in the 2 to 6 leaf stage
  • Best results with quackgrass are achieved when application is made at the 3 to 5 leaf stage
  • At the 60 ac./case rate, apply when labelled weeds are in the 2 to 4 leaf stage


One case (3 L jug of Centurion and 9 L jug of Amigo) = 20 to 60 acres


Water Volumes
  • Ground – minimum of 20 L/ac. if Centurion is applied alone
  • Aerial – minimum of 11.3 L/ac. when applied alone or in tank mixes at a pressure no less than 300 kPa
  • AMS – clethodim can be antagonized by bicarbonates over 300 ppm in the water. Adding AMS at 1% v/v will remedy this.


Rainfast one hour after application

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In order to purchase InVigor hybrid canola or Liberty herbicide, growers will need to sign a one time Liberty & Trait Agreement (LTA). Growers can sign up at their local retail.


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