Ignite® herbicide provides burn down of annual grass and broadleaf weeds in orchards and vineyards. It works very quickly especially in the heat, providing weed control within 7 to 10 days. Most convenient is its ability to control sucker growth with no risk to mature trees or vines.

Application Tips


  • Ignite provides broad-spectrum burn down of annual broadleaf and grass weeds
  • Weed death generally occurs in 7 to-10 days (7 in hot humid conditions)
  • Ignite can be used to burn off sucker growth on vines or fruit trees without effecting mature trees or vines
  • Can be tank-mixed for residual weed control (see label for details)
  • Rainfast in 4 hours
  • Controls weed growth by inhibiting an enzyme essential for photosynthesis creating a build up of ammonia in the weed
  • Note that perennial weeds are burned down and suppressed by Ignite but are not likely to be controlled


2.7-5.0 L/ha for power and/or tractor operated sprayers
27-50 mL of Ignite 15 SN per 10 litres of spray solution for hand held pump-type and backpack sprayers


Application Tips

  • Rainfastness: 4 hours
  • For best results, spray emerged weeds after the dew has dried off leaves and before sunset
  • Fastest activity occurs during warm humid weather
  • Ignite applied alone has no residual soil activity
  • Pre-harvest interval: 40 days
  • Spray around the base of trees or vines
  • Repeat treatments may be necessary to control new germination of annual weeds


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