Infinity FX


There's A New Standard In Weed Control

Introducing Infinity® FX, a new cereal herbicide that provides the widest spectrum of broadleaf weed control on the market. It combines the power of three herbicide Groups, making it an outstanding resistance management tool. Infinity FX provides you with fast-acting control of your toughest broadleaf weeds like cleavers, kochia, buckwheat and now, volunteer flax.

Application Tips

  • Registered application rate: 0.335 L/ac. of Infinity® + 0.16 L/ac. of FX


Crops/Application timing
  • Crops may be treated from the 2 leaf stage of growth until the flag leaf is just visible but still rolled


Water Volumes


  • Minimum of 19 L/ac. (5 gal./ac.)


  • Rainfast one hour after application


Re-cropping Intervals
  • Barley, canola, flax, oats, peas (field)1, and wheat (spring and durum) can be planted 10 months following an application of Infinity FX
  • Lentils can be planted 22 months following an application of Infinity FX

1 Field peas may be grown the year following Infinity FX herbicide application in all black, grey-wooded and dark brown soil zones. Do not plant field peas the year following an Infinity FX application in brown soil zones where organic matter content is below 2.5% and soil pH is above 7.5.


Residue and Grazing
  • Do not graze treated crops or cut for forage or hay within 25 days of application
  • Do not harvest wheat (durum or spring) or barley for grain or straw within 60 days of application

Resistance Management

Exceptional Resistance Management

With Infinity® FX you get the activity of three different herbicide Groups (27, 6 and 4), on the same weed species, which has proven to be an excellent resistant management strategy. Powered by pyrasulfotole, a unique Group 27 chemistry, super-charged with bromoxynil and boosted with fluroxypyr, Infinity FX has speed of activity that will exceed your expectations.

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