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Liberty® herbicide delivers fast, broad-spectrum grassy and broadleaf weed control in Herculex®, Agrisure® and SmartStax corn hybrids containing the LibertyLink® trait, as well as new LibertyLink soybeans and InVigor® canola hybrids.

A post-emergent, contact herbicide with a wide window of application, Liberty is the only Group 10 herbicide. And when used as the herbicide component of the LibertyLink production system, you can effectively manage herbicide resistance by rotating LibertyLink crops with glyphosate-tolerant crops. So rather than change the way you farm, simply change the mode of action in your herbicide.

Liberty Link

More consistent control

At the 1.0 L/ac. rate, Liberty provides better, more consistent control. This graph compares the average control of green foxtail, lamb’s-quarters and redroot pigweed with Liberty at the 1.0 L/ac. rate.

Liberty Link Graph

Source: 25 side by side comparisons - 1996 - 2009 (8 corn trials and 9 canola trials).
Liberty rate: 1L/ac.

Application Tips


  • Fast, one-pass broad-spectrum grassy and broadleaf weed control in Herculex®, Agrisure® or SmartStax™ corn hybrids containing the LibertyLink trait, LibertyLink soybeans and InVigor canola hybrids
  • Complete crop safety for less stress and higher yield
  • Wide window of application with flexible application rates and tank mixes
  • Fast-acting chemistry kills target weeds within three to seven days after application
  • Liberty is a contact herbicide leaving cropping and herbicide options wide open for the following year
  • Research and grower trials show that Liberty produces higher yields when used on LibertyLink corn hybrids, compared to conventional herbicides applied on the same LibertyLink corn hybrid, in the same field
  • In 101 side-by-side Bayer corn research trials over a seven-year period, Liberty + atrazine averaged 7 bu./ac. higher yield compared to conventional herbicides applied on those same hybrids in the same fields
  • Available in bulk


Corn Apply from the one- to eight-leaf stage of corn. After eight leaves, use drop nozzles for maximum coverage and weed control.
  For best results, control weeds during the critical three- to six-leaf stage of corn growth, and when the weeds are actively growing.
  For sequential application, make first application at the three- to four-leaf stage of corn at a minimum 0.8 L/ac. Re-apply 10-14 days later at 0.5 L/ac. if there is another flush of weeds.
Canola Apply from the cotyledon to the early bolting stage of canola.
Soybeans Apply during the 1-4 trifoliate and when the weeds are actively growing.


Registered application rate - refer to label


Application Tips

  • Can be applied with a tank-mix partner in corn, canola and soybeans.
  • For improved weed control, add ammonium sulphate at 2.4 L/ac. (6 L/ha) or 1.2 kg/ac. (3 kg/ha). AMS should be added to spray tank before Liberty.
  • Under hot/humid conditions, the speed of action will be increased.
  • Avoid temperatures below 10 ºC.
  • Rainfast within four hours, best results are obtained when plant surfaces are dry.
  • Pre-harvest interval is 86 days.
  • Grazing/forage interval is 20 days.
  • Because Liberty is a contact herbicide, excellent coverage is critical.


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