Nortron SC


Nortron® SC provides effective broad-spectrum weed control in sugar beets.

Application Tips


For the best weed control in sugar beets, use Nortron pre-emergent, followed by Betamix post-emergent

  • Crop-safe, effective broad-spectrum weed control in sugar beets
  • Flexible timing to suit your operation
  • Tank-mix options to target specific weeds
  • Nortron SC provides residual control for up to 10 weeks


Soil texture Broadcast rates (L/ha) Banded rates (L/ha)
18 cm band width
55 cm row
Light soils:
sands, loamy sands and sandy loams
3.2 to 4.5 1.0 to 1.6
Medium soils:
silt and clay loams containing less than 3% organic matter
4.5 to 6.75 1.6 to 2.25
Heavy soils:
clay loam and clays including those containing more than 3% organic matter
6.75 to 8.25 2.25 to 2.8


Application Tips

  • Sugar beets are highly sensitive to herbicides. While Betamix and Nortron SC are two of the safest products, to minimize crop injury, follow product precautions closely. Avoid herbicide applications when the beet crop is already under stress.
  • When tank-mixing with Pyramin® or Ro-Neet®, add Nortron SC first and agitate thoroughly
  • Apply Nortron SC before or at planting and incorporate to a depth of 2.5 to 5.0 cm


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