Bulk Up On Convenience With Our Shuttles & Totes

Bulk shuttles and totes are the best container design for grower convenience and ease of use.

Why Use Bulk?

  • Convenience – eliminates handling and triple rinsing of single jugs
  • Time – saves you time so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently
  • Environmental stewardship – less packaging to dispose of
  • Colour-coded base for easy product identification
  • Safety – reduces exposure of the pesticide to the worker
  • Easy to move

Our Bulk (totes and shuttles) line-up includes Buctril® M, Infinity®, Puma® Advance , Tundra®, Thumper®, with Prosaro® & Velocity m3 available in shuttles only.

*based on 1.35 L/ac. rate

Bulk Shuttles And Totes Must Be Pre-ordered To Guarantee Delivery – Don’t Miss Out!

Designed with maximum convenience in mind, there are few things growers must have in order to use Bulk shuttles and totes. Bulk shuttles and totes are not difficult to use, and once set up growers find them to be much more convenient than jugs.

To download full proper care and use guidelines, click here.

Colour Codes & Labels

Added convenience to make your job easier.

Our Bulk Shuttles and Totes Delivers Names You Trust

The following products are available in Bulk:


The System Is In Your hands

Bulk handling systems have really caught on as more and more growers adopt this simple and easy-to-use way to manage crop protection products.

Bayer is committed to bulk handling systems. Our tote and shuttle fleet system is best in class and allows for packaging of numerous products with varying capacities, up to 130L for shuttles and 449L for totes. We want to ensure that you have access to this convenient, leading-edge system for years to come.

As a returnable, reusable, and refillable product, when you use our Bulk shuttles and totes you don’t have to handle and triple-rinse single herbicide jugs and you eliminate the environmental impact of disposing hundreds of jugs and their cardboard boxes. It’s one more way that Bayer shows our commitment to protecting the environment.

When the units are returned clean, undamaged and with seals intact, the process of an external wash, refill and shipment to the field is cost-effective for you and Bayer. If the units are not returned, come back damaged, have missing parts or have broken seals, the turnaround time and costs of maintaining these units goes up accordingly. Those added costs get reflected in the product pricing. More importantly for you, the grower, you risk losing your damage deposit, cutting into your bottom line.

By following the important steps above, you become an integral part of sustaining the delivery system, saving you time and money over the years.


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