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Spread the news! Poncho is the number one seed-applied insecticide for corn. Only Poncho provides consistent protection for corn seed and seedlings from all the major early season corn pests, right from the start. It’s a blanket of protection that increases your yields, gives you healthier crops and provides you with a better return on investment.

Poncho 1250

Poncho 1250 — Corn Rootworm and High Insect Pressure


Poncho 1250 is the only seed treatment for corn that protects against corn rootworm and all seven early season corn insect pests. With protection that lasts beyond the five-leaf stage, you can count on Poncho 1250 to protect your return on investment.

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Poncho 250

Poncho 250

Better Emergence, Vigour and Stands


Poncho 250 provides systemic protection of both the seed and developing seedling to give you uniform and vigorous crop stands. By working in the plant’s root system and on the above ground growth, Poncho 250 leads to a higher return on investment even with early planting, cold weather and wet stresses.

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Poncho is owned by BASF and distributed by Bayer Crop Science


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