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You work hard to protect your corn crop from pests, and Poncho 1250 is here to help take your return on investment to the next level. Poncho 1250 protects against all seven early season corn insect pests and corn rootworm. It’s the only seed treatment that can boast that fact. Not to mention outstanding pest control beyond the five-leaf stage.

When it comes to resistance management, Poncho 1250 is the smart choice to protect all refuge acres. If you select a hybrid with built in rootworm protection, then make sure you use Poncho 1250 seed treatment on your refuge acres.

If your corn crop is growing in an area of high insect pressure, you need Poncho 1250!

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The experts at Bayer have created a full-colour field guide that will get you up-to-speed on 15 common corn insect pests. With large photos, descriptions, damage caused, scouting tips and management and control recommendations, you’ll be a corn pest expert in no time!

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I think Poncho 1250 is the best tool for non-rootworm event hybrids. I encourage clients to consider economics and past insect pressure. If you are growing corn on corn and only want herbicide resistance and not the extra genes for rootworm and corn borer, then ordering all your seed with Poncho 1250 will provide the rootworm control you need. This makes a lot of sense, especially if you are growing corn silage. And there will always be a market for non-GMO corn, and Poncho 1250 is an effective choice for protecting conventional corn.

- Steve Redmond Independent Crop Consultant
Agri-Trend Agrology Ltd.

Poncho 1250 is the best solution for corn rootworm control on refuge acres for our YieldGard VT triple stacked hybrids. Good stewardship is an important part of the success of triple stacked hybrids, and that includes planting a 20% refuge. Where corn rootworm is a key concern, Poncho 1250 on refuge acres for rootworm control will help optimize yield on those acres.

- Mark Lawton Technology Development Lead for Eastern Canada

We encourage growers to stick to the integrated pest management (IPM) approach when considering the use of Poncho 1250, and consider the insect risk first. If you have low to moderate corn rootworm risk, Poncho 1250 is a viable control strategy on corn borer and non-corn borer protected refuge acres. If the rootworm risk is heavy – from heavy clay soil or growing corn on corn – plant a corn rootworm event hybrid and consider Poncho 1250 on refuge acres for rootworm control.

- Dave Harwood Technical Services Manager
Pioneer Hi-Bred


Application Rate and Timing

For your convenience, Poncho 1250 is commercially applied by your seed supplier. That way, you’re ensured uniform and consistent coverage of each and every kernel.

Poncho 1250 is also applied in combination with a unique seed coating technology called Precise Seed Finisher (PSF) developed by Bayer.

Crops that Poncho 1250 Protects
Pests Controlled with Poncho 1250
Field Corn
Sweet Corn
Black cutworm
Corn flea beetle
Corn rootworm
European chafer
Japanese beetle
June beetle
Seedcorn maggot
White grub


Tried and Tested

Poncho 1250’s ability to protect corn has been rigorously tested and the results are in:
Crops grown with Poncho 1250 yield an average of 21.0 bu./ac.* more than seed not treated with an insecticide.

poncho 1250 graph

poncho 1250 comparison

* Based on 10 side-by-side field trials comparing the performance of Poncho 1250 treated seed to seed not treated with an insecticide (2002-2003).

Re-Cropping Flexibility


Replanting Interval

Canola 0 days
Cereal grains 30 days
Corn 0 days
Dry beans 30 days
Non-grass animal feeds 30 days
Soybeans 30 days
Vegetable – leafy, root and tuber One year – all can be planted in the next growing season

Download Poncho Quick Reference Sheet

Poncho 1250 is owned by BASF and distributed by Bayer Crop Science


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