A great harvest is the result you get from successfully completing every step along the way – and it all starts with a high-performance seed treatment.

Immediately following seeding is the time when your cereals are most vulnerable. However, with Raxil® seed treatments you get faster germination, stronger emergence and unparalleled disease protection. Not only do Raxil seed treatments get you off to a great start, they continue to help support your crop for the entire season and help you reach your full yield potential.

Choose between two great options:

Raxil PRO Unmatched seed- and soil-borne disease control, including best-in-class protection from Fusarium graminearum and true loose smut.
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Raxil PRO Shield All the benefits of Raxil PRO with the added advantage of Stress Shield® insecticide for effective wireworm control and other plant health benefits.
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Protect your wheat crop and ROI

Purchase FP Genetics certified seed treated with Raxil® PRO and save 2% on your Prosaro® or Prosaro XTR purchases.

*2% savings on matching acres in addition to any BayerValue Program savings or offers that you qualify for
**Only on designated FP Genetics varieties included in program, ask your retailer for details



Winter Wheat Establishment Program

Bayer is committed to the long term improvement and support of proper agronomic activities. This program helps growers manage risk within their winter wheat production. With Raxil, growers can expect better overwintering of their winter wheat. This program commits to promoting the benefits of treating winter wheat with Raxil. Download the PDF to find out more.

Raxil PRO vs Raxil PRO Shield

BENEFIT Raxil PRO Raxil PRO Shield
Unmatched seed- and soil-borne disease control, including best-in-class protection from Fusarium graminearum and true loose smut check check
One simple rate, regardless of disease pressure check check
Three different fungicidal actives for complete contact/systemic disease control check check
Easy-to-apply micro-dispersion formulation for more thorough, even seed coverage check check
Ideal for both commercial and on-farm treating check check
Safe to apply in cooler pre-season conditions (freezing point -16°C) check check
Increased wireworm protection check
Supplemental plant health benefits including better root establishment, improved vigour and higher plant density check

Grow Your Knowledge and Earn CCA/CCSC Credits

Click here to watch a series of videos where you can learn all about the benefits of seed treatments, best application practices, and information about Raxil PRO and Raxil PRO Shield.


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