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Lay the Groundwork for a Superior Yield

The early days are definitely the most important. From seeding to emergence is when your crop sets its yield potential for the season – and the most critical time to ensure a healthy start. By starting off with untreated seed, you’re already losing yield.

With three different fungicide actives, Raxil® PRO provides everything you need to maximize your cereal crop’s potential. In addition to superior disease protection from the most dangerous seed- and soil-borne diseases like true loose smut and Fusarium graminearum, you also get a stronger, faster emergence to help your field get the head start it needs to reach its maximum yield potential and superior quality.

Application Guidelines


Standard Application Rate 325 mL/100 kg
Container Sizes 10 L 58.5 L 175.5 L
Wheat (bushels) 113 662 1,985
Barley (bushels) 141 827 2,481
Oats (bushels) 200 1,167 3,502

Calculations for amount treated are based on wheat = 60 lbs/bushel, barley = 48 lbs/bushel and oats = 34 lbs/bushel. Always treat based on actual seed weight for best results. These ratings are based on labels, internal trial comparisons and feedback from industry. Always consult the product’s label for registered rates, diseases controlled, and safe handling procedures.

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As one of the only companies who can offer a complete lineup of cereal protection products and program savings, Bayer allows you to harness the full potential of your crop. You can save up to 25% on Raxil PRO when you complete your cereal acre. Learn more


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