Titan™, the broadest spectrum seed-piece insecticide for potatoes is now registered for in-furrow applications for greater application flexibility.

Titan controls all of the major above-ground pests, including aphids, Colorado potato beetle, flea beetle and leafhopper and reduces the damage caused by wireworms. Early insect control helps plants grow without damage, maximize yield quality and reduce the risk of secondary diseases, such as blackleg.

Application Tips


  • Registered for seed-piece treatment or in-furrow application
  • Superior control of aphids (potato, green peach, foxglove and buckthorn), Colorado potato beetle, flea beetle and leafhopper
  • The only seed-piece treatment that controls all major above-ground pests and reduces damage caused by wireworm
  • Protects daughter tubers by reducing wireworm damage
  • Convenient liquid formulation
  • Group 4 insecticide



  • Consult the Titan label or Fact Sheet for specific timing information.


Application Tips

Seed-piece treatment

  • For extended residual control of pests apply the higher rate
  • Plant seed-pieces as soon as practical after cutting and treating
  • Apply specified dosage as a diluted spray onto seed-pieces using a shield spray system that is well contained to prevent the loss of any liquid
  • Do not dilute with any more than 6 parts water to 1 part Titan
  • Do not apply any subsequent application of a Group 4 insecticide following a Titan seed-piece treatment



  • Apply as a narrow band in-furrow
  • For best results, direct spray on the seed-pieces or seed potatoes in the furrow
  • The length of control may vary due to climate and soil conditions. The higher rate is recommended when extended length of control is needed.
  • Do not apply any subsequent applications of a Group 4 insecticide (e.g. foliar) following an in-furrow application with Titan
  • Do not apply Titan in conjunction with a Group 4 insecticide seed-piece treatment

Titan is owned by BASF and distributed by Bayer Crop Science


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