Titan Emesto


Another year, another year on top. Titan® Emesto® is the number one performing potato seed-piece treatment in Canada. The unique red formulation is easy to apply and easy to see. It protects against the broadest spectrum of insects – including Colorado potato beetle and aphids – plus all major seed-borne diseases, including rhizoctonia, silver scurf and fusarium, even current resistant strains. It takes a lot of confidence to grow a healthy potato crop, season after season. And we’re proud that Canadian potato growers keep choosing Titan Emesto for the job. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Group 4 insecticide
  • Group 3 and 7 fungicides
  • A complete liquid insecticide and fungicide potato seed-piece treatment for protection against major insects and diseases in one convenient package
  • A co-pak of Titan (the broadest spectrum seed-piece insecticide) + Emesto Silver (a fungicide with two new modes of action) for an all liquid seed-piece treatment
  • Excellent fusarium tuber rot control (including current resistant strains)
  • Superior control of seed-borne rhizoctonia (black scurf and stem and stolon canker)
  • Good activity on silver scurf
  • Unsurpassed insect control
  • Coloured formulation that facilitates safe and uniform application
  • Low dose rate
  • Low water volumes

Application Tips

Emesto Silver 20 mL/100 kg seed (9.1 mL/cwt seed)
Titan 15.6 mL/100 kg seed (7.1 mL/cwt seed)


Solution Volume
  • No more than 150 mL of total solution volume/100 kg seed (68 mL/cwt seed)


Application Tips

  • For optimal disease and insect control, good uniform coverage of the seed-piece is required
  • Seed-pieces should be treated immediately after cutting
  • An application of an absorbent ingredient may be applied to improve suberization
  • Avoid treating excessively sprouted seed
  • Treatment of mechanically damaged, or poor quality or low vigour seed may result in reduced germination, vigour and/or yield
  • If cut seed-pieces need to be stored or held for a few days, make sure that there is adequate cool air movement through the pile of cut seed potatoes at relative humidity of 85-90%. Store cut seed at or below 7 °C. Temperatures above 10 °C promote soft rot in seed. Cut and treated seed should not be piled above 1.8 m in height.
  • After cutting, treated seed pieces should be planted in soil above 7 °C with adequate soil moisture required for planting
  • When transporting Titan Emesto treated seed, make sure the seed is covered with a tarp
  • Due to seed quality and storage conditions beyond the control of Bayer, no claims are made with regard to germination of potato seed-pieces after treatment with Titan Emesto


Rotational Crops

  • Corn, canola and potatoes may be re-planted at any time
  • A 30-day plant-back interval for cereal grains, grasses, non-grass animal feeds, soybeans and dried beans is required
  • A one-year plant-back interval is required for leafy, root and tuber vegetables (except potatoes)


Fusarium Research Trials

* Trials may contain fusarium resistant strains that are resistant to industry standards.

Seed-Borne Rhizoctonia Research Trials


Silver Scurf Research Trials

Resistance Management

  • Rotate the use of Titan Emesto with different groups that control the same pests
  • For disease resistance management, Titan Emesto is not recommended on two consecutive seed generations
  • Determine pesticide use on an Integrated Pest Management program that includes scouting, record keeping and considers cultural, biological and other chemical control practices

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