The DEKALB® brand has the products, support, and expertise to help you be all season strong this year. DEKALB® corn and soybean products are developed through the DEKALB® Breeding Program and are locally bred and tested across our vast testing footprint to ensure they are positioned for maximum yield potential.

DEKALB® corn hybrids are in huge demand. With excellent standability, stalk strength and superior test weight and dry down, there's never been a better time to grow DEKALB® brand corn on your farm. And, if you're growing soybeans, the DEKALB® brand has a strong lineup of high performing soybean options for you to be all season strong.

Trial Data

DEKALB® products are tested extensively across Canada through our farmer-led DEKALB® Market Development trials. This allows us to evaluate our products across a wide variety of environments and soil types so we can position them to realize maximize yield potential on your farm.

Review our trial data to see how DEKALB® hybrids compare against competitor products, year-over-year.

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Our individual plot reports demonstrate how a product is performing near your farm.

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Agronomic Library

Find valuable corn and soybean agronomy and disease information.

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Grower Offers

To take advantage of the DEKALB® Reap Rewards program, see your DEKALB® Seed Dealer or talk to your local DEKALB® representative.

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