For over a decade, InVigor® canola hybrids have consistently delivered the highest yielding canola on the market. We've continually raised the bar and set the standard by which all other canola is measured.

No matter which InVigor you choose to grow, you can always count on superior genetics that deliver early season vigor, outstanding yield and great performance, even in stressed conditions.

Each year, Bayer reinvests in research and development of new InVigor hybrids as part of our ongoing commitment to provide canola growers with new innovations and technologies. For more information visit our Canola Breeding Centre of Innovation pages.

Eastern Demonstration Strip Trial Results

(Quebec Clubroot site not included in overall summary due to extreme yield reductions in L120, L130 and L150 plots due to Clubroot infection)

  • InVigor hybrids performed well above the 5-year Ontario yield average*
  • L130 was the top yielding hybrid at 5 of 8 sites
  • The yield spread between L130 and L154 was 6.7 bu./ac.; all hybrids performed well
  • These results mirror Western Canada results in 2012




Central Ontario - 2 DST Sites

  • The yield spread between the top-yielding L130 and L154 was 2.7 bu./ac.
  • This site had excellent yields. All InVigor hybrids performed well above the 5-year Ontario yield average.*
  • Top choice: L120 has a slightly shorter plant structure and matures a few days earlier than other hybrids, but has great yield potential.
  • As well, L154 is a mid-maturing hybrid with exceptional yield

Northern Ontario - 3 DST Sites

  • The yield difference between L150 and L130 was 0.5 bu./ac.
  • L150 was the top yielder at 2 of 4 test sites.
  • Top choice: L150 is our highest yielding hybrid ever registered.
  • L130 demonstrates excellent lodging resistance and matures slightly earlier than L150
  • At the Matheson site L120, L130 and L150 had little or no pod shatter despite 3 weeks of wet weather prior to harvest

Eastern Ontario and Quebec - 3 DST Sites

  • For Eastern Ontario and areas of Quebec not affected by clubroot, L150 and L130 continue to have great yield potential
  • For the clubroot areas of Quebec, L135C is the hybrid of choice.

Quebec (Clubroot Region) - 1 DST Site

  • L120, L130 and L150 were affected by clubroot. L135, which is bred for clubroot resistance, remained healthy
  • Extreme clubroot damage was found in all hybrids — except for L135C. Yield of L135C is excellent.
  • Top choice: L135C is an early-maturing hybrid that delivers excellent clubroot resistance and great yield potential
* Source: Field Crop Reporting Series - Statistics Canada
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