Our Commitment to InVigor Hybrid Canola Growers

We want to ensure you are making the right choice with Bayer so we offer programs to help make it easier for you to get the most out of InVigor® hybrid canola.

Take Command of Cleavers program

Save $3/acre on your first 300 acres of Command® herbicide when you purchase at least 300 acres of InVigor hybrids.
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Save With InVigor Purchase Bonus

Maximize your BayerValue rewards with the purchase bonus program. By purchasing InVigor in the 2018 growing season, you qualify for exceptional savings on all participating BayerValue products. Contact your retailer now to ensure the availability of your favourite hybrids.
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InVigor Hybrid Canola Reseed Program

If your InVigor Hybrid Canola crop fails to establish and you need to reseed back to InVigor canola, you can get up to $40 per acre back.
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InVigor Seed Return

The seed return program allows you to return unopened bags of InVigor canola for a full refund.
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