$20,000 in gratitude

Thanking three growers for paying it forward

This year marked the 20th anniversary of InVigor® hybrid canola. The continued trust and support of Canadian growers like you have made InVigor the number one canola brand in Canada, and for that, we wanted to give thanks. Your support is vital, so to return the gesture, we felt it was important to “Pay It Forward”. We held a contest where three growers from the Prairie provinces would be selected to win $20,000 each towards the charity of their choice. Many touching and thoughtful entries were received, and we thank everyone for their submissions.

The winners of the “Pay It Forward” contest are: Keith and Lisa Vanbeselaere of Medora MB, Ryan and Amanda Glubis of Strongfield SK, and Jason and Deanne Olsen of Irma AB. Their $20,000 donations will no doubt have a lasting impact on your selected charities for years to come.

Here are their stories.

Keith & Lisa Vanbeselaere

Charity of choice: Deloraine Cancer Care Unit

Keith & Lisa Vanbeselaere presenting the cheque.
My mother passed away from cancer when I was 3 years old, and my sister just 1 1/2 years old. Without a mother, life was a little different for us, but cancer was never something I dwelled on. Our family had always been fairly healthy, but lately, cancer just won’t leave us alone. My wife’s (Lisa’s) dad passed away from cancer 2 years ago, her mother currently has cancer and Lisa now has pre-cancer markers. My sister has had cancer, and my dad has also died from the disease.

My dad, father-in-law and mother-in-law all went to the Deloraine Cancer Care Clinic, which services a large portion of SW Manitoba, for their treatments. If it weren’t for this clinic, we would have spent hours driving to Brandon for treatment – a 3 hour drive round trip, plus over 4 hours for the treatment itself. The staff at Deloraine is exceptional. When I heard about this contest, I knew it would benefit so many people if I won. And of course, if it could mean the opportunity for Lisa to be a great grandmother like her own mother is. This would be my opportunity to contribute to a community that has already done so much for our family.

Ryan & Amanda Glubis

Charity of choice: Strongfield Rec Board

Ryan & Amanda Glubis presenting the cheque.
The Strongfield Rec Board is a small and dedicated organization focused on keeping the local hall and rink thriving in our small community. The Board plans annual fundraising events at both facilities to ensure these facilities are maintained, but are consistently looking for additional funding to ensure these facilities remain open for present and future generations.

We are proud to say we have the support of both the residents of our community and the surrounding communities. The natural ice, three curling ice surfaces and a full size skating rink have long offered curling and ice skating through the winter months, and are maintained by volunteers. Once curling starts, additional volunteers provide a full supper for 50 and 70 people – more than the population of our village – every Monday night. In addition, volunteers including the staff and parents of students at Loreburn Central High School host the Tin Can Bonspiel for grades K-6 and a funspiel for the 7-12 students. Simply put, the rink is our community hub. In terms of the hall, it is used throughout the year for everything from weddings and funerals to business meetings and fundraisers. Over the past couple years, there have been upgrades to both the rink and hall, but it still needs much more love. Without a doubt, these facilities and our wonderful volunteers are vital to keeping our community surviving and thriving.

Jason & Deanne Olsen

Charity of choice: Regional Fertility and Women’s Endocrinology Clinic at the Royal Alexandra Hospital

Jason & Deanne Olsen presenting the cheque.
I chose the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation because my wife and I had trouble conceiving our first child. But thanks to the Regional Fertility and Women's Endocrinology Clinic at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, they helped make it happen!  The staff was always very busy helping many others, including friends, with the same problem as us.  I entered this contest because I wanted to give the place responsible for adding so much joy to our lives even greater opportunities to help other families’ dreams of a child come true.

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