#SellTheSwather and Win

Enter for your chance to WIN a 2017 John Deere Gator!

Thanks to InVigor® patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology canola hybrids, you don’t have to swath your canola!

So show us what you'd rather be doing with your extra time. Between July 17th and September 30th, send us a picture for a chance to WIN a 2017 John Deere® Gator.

There are two ways to enter:


Tweet a photo of what you’d rather be doing (besides swathing) using #SellTheSwather for a chance to win!


Email a photo of what you would rather be doing (besides swathing) to InVigor@Bayer.com for a chance to win!

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Making the Cut

Providing the ability to straight cut or delay swathing canola without sacrificing yield potential, the patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology of InVigor® hybrid canola continues to revolutionize the way canola growers approach their entire season.

Bayer predicts that as much as half of all canola in Western Canada will be straight cut by 2020.

Bayer straight cutting canola forecast prediction

With a variety of maturity ratings, InVigor is pleased to offer growers three different high-performing Evolution™ hybrids with the patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology. These include: InVigor L140P, early-maturing InVigor L233P and NEW InVigor L255PC with the added benefit of clubroot resistance.


  • Minimizes the impact of adverse late-season weather and wind events
  • Enables growers to straight cut their canola with reduced risk and no yield penalty
  • Longer pod fill, producing larger, more mature seeds (lower green seed counts)
  • Reduces harvest losses and future volunteer canola
  • Increases your harvest flexibility

Learn more about Bayer’s patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology >>

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