InVigor Hybrids

Because your needs are unique to your farm, we’ve developed an easy way to find the InVigor® canola hybrid that’s right for you.

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InVigor L230
InVigor L233P
InVigor L135C
InVigor L140P
InVigor L241C
InVigor L157H
InVigor L252
InVigor L255PC
High Yield Potential

High Yield Potential

With growing conditions varying from year to year, choosing the right hybrid mix for your needs can help maximize your yield opportunity.
Excellent Standability

Excellent Standability

These hybrids will stand strong and weather the elements. They also allow for an easier harvest.
Environment Delays Seeding

Environment Delays Seeding

Delayed seeding due to moisture or cool temperatures. Early maturing InVigor hybrids can help give you more options for a shortened growing season.
Blackleg Resistance

Blackleg Resistance

Provides resistance to blackleg, a highly aggressive pathogen of canola that can cause serious yield losses. All InVigor hybrids are rated “R” for resistance to blackleg.
Clubroot Resistance

Clubroot Resistance

Provides resistance* to clubroot, a severe soil-borne disease that cannot be eradicated once your crop is infected.

* To predominant clubroot pathotypes identified in Canada at time of registration in 2011.
Designed For Straight Cutting

Ability to Straight Cut

Straight cutting can help you reduce costs and manpower while potentially increasing yield. Only InVigor L140P has the new, patented pod shatter technology that gives you added flexibility.
Minimize Early Fall Frost Risk

Minimize Risk in the Event of Early Fall Frost

Early maturing InVigor hybrids can help you avoid the risk of early season frost while still getting higher yields and quality.
Security of a Contract

Security of a Contract

Enjoy the peace of mind of a canola contract premium that offers growers excellent returns. This hybrid is only available at Cargill and select independent retailers.
LibertyLink ® Hybrid

LibertyLink ® Hybrid

Indicates that you can use Liberty ® herbicide on this hybrid.
Available in Eastern Canada

Also Avaialble In Eastern Canada

These hybrids are also available in Eastern Canada.
Very Strong
A Fit For Every Farm

Our hybrid mix changes every year to match your changing needs. Our goal is to provide growers with a wide range of maturity options, disease protection packages and other desirable traits for harvest flexibility and to address their most serious cropping concerns.

Range of Maturities of InVigor Hybrids

Average maturity in days versus the average maturity in days of InVigor 5440 from Bayer internal trials.

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Lodging Resistance

We are frequently asked how our InVigor hybrids compare with one another. In an effort to make it easier for you to compare hybrids and help you determine which are best suited to your specific region and growing zones, we’ve developed this easy-to-reference chart.

Lodging Resistance of InVigor Hybrids

Please note: Information displayed on this chart is based on performance ratings and data compiled from several Bayer CropScience internal trials over multiple years.
Results may vary on your farm due to environmental factors and preferred management practices.

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InVigor Evolution Hybrids
The Evolution

InVigor Evolution hybrids represent the latest advancements in InVigor hybrid canola innovation and solutions. Each of these new hybrids gives you the latest in genetic development for your canola that you can trust to deliver consistent yields and increase performance. These hybrids are worthy of the name InVigor.

The Evolution hybrids include:

  • InVigor L255PC, the newest Pod Shatter Reduction and clubroot resistance – all in one hybrid
  • InVigor L241C, a clubroot-resistant hybrid with the highest yield return in the 2015 DST clubroot protocols
  • InVigor L233P, a Pod Shatter Reduction hybrid with excellent yield performance and early maturity
  • InVigor L252, offering high yield performance, strong blackleg resistance and mid-season maturity
  • InVigor L140P, with its patented Pod Shatter reduction technology provides the ability to straight cut
  • InVigor L230, a new early-maturing hybrid with outstanding yield potential

See what the latest Evolution hybrids can offer you.

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