Wednesday, May 4, 2016

#TweetTheTag Liberty Spray Glove Giveaway

As technology advances and the use of data has more and more value to agriculture, Bayer Canada is continually looking for innovation breakthroughs to assist in better decision making. In addition there is an ever increasing need for traceability, safety, accountability and stewardship in the entire value chain for food production.

To explore possible technology to assist in these goals, Bayer’s local Crop Science division is participating in a Canadian designed pilot project to track and trace a portion of Liberty 108 L shuttles and InVigor L261 from Bayer to the farmer’s field in real time using Radio-Frequency-Identification (RFID) and data cloud technology.

Bayer, and others, are working with METATECH GLOBAL INC. to conduct this pilot using RFID technology and a secure data cloud to tag products at manufacturing, track them through the supply chain and then track product to the field.  

RFID Tag  

It is hoped the pilot project could demonstrate that technologies such as RFID can result in increased efficiency in manufacturing, reduce inventory cost in the supply chain, provide instant tracking for product complaints or recalls, increase tracking efficiency of product being returned, provide opportunities for seamless, automated equipment optimization and offer recommended seeding and spraying rates, mixing instructions and safety measures. Bayer also sees the potential for further utilizing RFID technology in applications being developed by Bayer’s Digital Farming team for information and prescriptive services.

If you are the grower that has an RFID tag on your Liberty 108L shuttle, tweet a picture to @Bayer4CropsCA with the hashtag #Tweetthetag, between May 16 – June 15 and we will send the first 15 people to tweet a pair of spray gloves!

You can see what the RFID tag looks like in the picture and it will be attached to the side of the shuttle. Good luck and have a safe #Spray15.

For more information please contact:

Bayer, Crop Science Division
Calgary, Alberta
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