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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Protect corn against Giberella Ear Rot


After Ontario corn crops were hit with disastrously high levels of gibberella ear rot (GER) in 2018 (leading to DON levels of 20 ppm or more), a 2019 provincial survey of corn ear mold and DON show both have returned to normal low levels.

That kind of swing shows how you can never take your eye off the GER disease cycle. Disease inoculum is always a possibility and waiting for the right conditions to infect your crop, so building a robust fungicide regimen is a good idea every year, and Bayer is here to help.

Look to Stratego® PRO fungicide for early season leaf disease control. Apply Stratego PRO between the 7-leaf stage and early tassel (or at disease onset) for excellent control of leaf diseases such as rust, eyespot and northern corn leaf blight. Plus, research shows that Stratego PRO can give an average yield increase of 6% (over untreated checks).1

Proline® fungicide is an ideal product for later-season leaf disease management, protection against GER for lower DON levels.

Apply Proline when silks are moist and plentiful for suppression of GER and stalk rot pathogens. Farmer-run trials show that Proline applied at silking reduced DON in grain corn by 41% and in silage corn by 57%, and boosted yields by 9% and 4%, respectively (over an untreated check).2