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Get the DEKALB® Canola Harvest Advantage

Early Maturity. Quick Dry Down. Increased Pod Integrity. We were made for straight cutting.

Experience early maturity, quick dry down & increased pod integrity.

We offer a combination of features that make DEKALB® canola SC hybrids the right choice for straight cutting. Visit to find out more.

Consistent crop stand – Consistent crop stand is crucial to straight cut success. Knowing that the canola will need to be standing out in the field for a longer period means our focus is on developing hybrids that result in robust and healthy plants.

Harvest Ease, Early Maturity, and Fast Dry Down – DEKALB SC hybrids feature early maturity and quicker dry down to allow for earlier, faster, smoother harvests. Natural dry-down means a desiccant isn’t always needed, eliminating the risks associated with another spray pass in the fall.

Pod Integrity – When you see the SC or the SC Plus designation on any bag of DEKALB canola you can be sure they possess increased pod integrity that makes them perfect for straight cutting. Whether it’s the excellent performance of SC hybrids or the next-level performance of SC Plus hybrids in tough or adverse conditions, you can be sure you’re getting our best, so you can do your best.

Pod Integrity Rating bar graph
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